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GUNS Magazine August 2011 Digital Edition - Page 78

For more information on seeing your product featured in New Products, Contact: Andrew Oram (866) 903-1199. for more new Products visit us online at neW pRoduCTS t GLOCK 19 SINGLE GUN CASE CASECRUZER he Single gun Case interior includes snug foam cutouts for a single handgun and up to three magazines. the exterior is compact, lightweight and tough. the glock 19 Single Pistol Case protects from rust, moisture, extreme climate change and sudden impact. the latch system meets transportation Security administration (tSa) specifications and is air transport association (ata) rated. it is easy to store and travel with; weighing 3.80 pounds with foam and exterior dimensions are 5.21"x11.2"x13.18". CaseCruzer, (800) 440-9925, www. SILENT SOLDIER KNIFE SILENT SOLDIER he Silent Soldier is a compact, premium-quality neck knife. Designed for personal carry, it is easily accessible and perfect for everyday use. Extremely lightweight and 1/4" thick, it’s durable and built to last. Built from D-2 steel, hand satin finished and double ground; it offers the maximum design for a strong fingerlocked grip, with added jimping for enhanced grip strength. includes a handmade kydex sheath with 2-1/2’ of 1/8 steel-ball chain and a latch. Silent Soldier, t 7.62x40 WT CARTRIDGE AND RIFLES WILSON COMBAT he 7.62x40 Wt is a powerful .30-caliber cartridge solution for the standard ar-15 rifle platform. tactical shooters looking for a hard hitting, fast handling .30-caliber ar-15 service carbine will find the 7.62x40 Wt a viable alternative to the 5.56x45 for self-defense and law enforcement applications. With 18/19- or 28/29-round capacity, using Wilson Combat modified lancer l5 aWm 5.56 magazines, maximum firepower is retained. a complete lineup of Wilson Combat 7.62x40 Wt rifles, uppers and match-grade barrels are also available. Wilson Combat, (800) 955-4856, www. t SMG .22-CALIBER FULLY-AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUN AIR-ORDNANCE he Smg .22-caliber belt-fed pellet gun is fully automatic, powered by Co2, nitrogen or compressed air. featuring a 100-round ammo belt system; the fully-automatic rate of fire is adjustable up to 12 rounds per second, with a velocity of 600 fps. the light and short 3-pound trigger pull helps to increase volume when shooting. Weighing only 4.2 pounds and overall length of t 26", it is comfortable to carry and shoot. the rifled barrel, along with front and rear sights, help promote consistent shooting accuracy and proper shooting form. air-ordnance, (800) 671-1498, MK-2A THERMAL WEAPON SIGHT SECGRU SYSTEMS INC he mk-2a thermal Weapon Sight is an excellent choice for hunters and professional guides. Whether clearing feral hogs and coyotes, or finding lost hikers or swimmers, this unit is lightweight and easy to use in complete darkness. featuring an adjustable eyepiece for eyeglasses. Distinct crosshairs stand out. rated for use on .223, .308, .338 lapua and full-auto .50 Bmg. Secgru Systems inc., (877) 732-4782, www. t smasher with more than enough power for coyote-size pests. no paperwork, no feds and you can take coyotes all day long., (216) 292-2570, SAM YANG DRAGON CLAW AIRVENTURI.COM am yang, an established manufacturer of big-bore airguns, releases their most powerful rifle yet—the Dragon Claw. it’s a .50-caliber S 78 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST 2011

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