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GUNS Magazine August 2011 Digital Edition - Page 40

POCKET The Ruger LC9 9mm. John Taffin f I had to guess as to what the best-selling handguns are today without looking at any records, I don’t think I could go very far astray by picking those firearms designed for self-defense use and especially for concealed carry. And guessing once again, I would say only their counterpart in semi-automatic form supersedes the small pocket revolvers. Once again I will probably be right on the mark. When I was a kid, we basically had very few choices when it came to dependable firearms for concealed use; actually only three, the Smith & Wesson J-frames, the Colt Detective Special/Cobra, all of these in .38 Special and the Walther PPK .380, if one could even be found. I John found the Ruger LC9 thoroughly reliable in his test, but the recoil of the 17-ounce pistol became a little tiring during long shooting strings. Sometimes with these choices it was tough to figure out which was the best. Now today, we have a long list of both foreign and domestic semi-automatics and revolvers to choose from, making the choice even more difficult. For many years Ruger was only concerned with what we would call firearms for sporting use; hunting, target shooting, plinking, competition and just plain fun. However, in the past couple decades we have seen 48 states now having some vehicle for issuing concealed weapons permits, even though a few states’ regulations are so complicated, cumbersome and designed so the great unwashed masses can never qualify they may just as well not have them. Perhaps that will change in the future. In recent years Ruger has offered several excellent choices for concealed use including, but not restricted to, the SR9, SR9c (both in 9mm), the LCR .38 Special and the LCP .380. As good as all of these are, I think their latest addition is the best yet offered. It is the LC9. Chambered in 9mm, it is smaller than either of the SR9s and much easier to handle WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST 2011 40

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