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GUNS Magazine August 2010 - Page 20

SMOOTHBORE SHOOTER’S wINDFALL Neat, new shotgunning stuff for 2010. ther than in competition-quality guns, we shotgunners haven’t O received much support when it comes to the triggers in our sporting guns. It’s been sort of “take-it-or-leave-it.” Well, maybe not that bad. We do have screw-in choke tubes now, and more and more makers are giving us stock shims and replaceable buttpads to more precisely fit our gun to our frame. But triggers? Just think what the industry has done for the rifle shooters. It did take Savage with their breakthrough “AccuTrigger” to shake up the industry too long kowtowed by its in-house attorneys when the subject of consumer adjustable triggers was broached. Now we have not only the AccuTrigger, but also Winchester’s MOA Trigger System and Remington’s X-Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger. All of them are great triggers providing crisp, clean, light trigger pulls, but the companies didn’t carry the improvements over into their shotgun lines. That’s why I was really taken aback when I walked into the Mossberg exhibit at the 2010 SHOT Show. Racked up on their display board were several Model 500 pump gun variants sporting some intriguing looking triggers. In fact, the triggers looked like AccuTriggers mounted in Mossberg guns and yes, they were adjustable. Mossberg calls their new adjustable trigger the “LPA” standing for “Lightening Pump Action Adjustable Trigger System.” It delivers a crisp, creep-free pull and is user adjustable to less than 3 pounds, which is simply remarkable in a moderately priced sporting gun. It’s available this year in select Model 500 pump guns including turkey, Slugster and combination models. Thinking the adjustable-triggersfor-shotguns fever just might catch on industry wide, I discovered another shotgun trigger breakthrough in the Timney Triggers booth. Calling it the 20 Mossberg LPA “870 Trigger Fix,” Timney is now able to supply a kit consisting of an adjustable sear and three different weight sear springs to replace the factory sear and spring in the Remington Model 870 trigger group to achieve a light, creep-free pull. If you would like to review the installation directions, go to Timney’s website. Do you know how many Model 870s are out there waiting for a better trigger? I asked Jessica Kallam of Remington that question, and the answer was 10,245,594! Timney may have hit the jackpot at $89.95 per 870 Trigger Fix. I’m very keen on LaserLyte products. They’re well designed and moderately priced. Recently, I’ve been working with their Laser Trainer. Designed specifically for handguns with barrels at least 3" long, the Laser Trainer is inserted into the bore and held in place by an expanding arbor. When you dry LaserLyte’sLaserTrainercanbeaunique andusefultoolformasteringthe.410. do you know how many Model 870s are out there waiting for a better trigger? I asked Jessica kallam of Remington that question recently. The answer was 10,245,594! fire the handgun, the laser is triggered by the sound of the falling hammer or firing pin and projects a red dot onto the target for 100 milliseconds. It’s a great tool for honing your handgunning skills, and one day it dawned on me that just possibly it could improve my shotgunning as well. One of the personal challenges many shooters face is mastering lightweight, smalbores, like the .410 and 28 gauge, on crossing and quartering targets. We Timney Fix tend to be too aggressive with a light gun and either break the rhythm of our swing because we’re swinging too fast or simply swing too far ahead of the target and loose the lead entirely. One of the greatest practice routines to smooth out your gun mounting and improve the rhythm of your swing is the “flashlight drill” developed by Gil Ash of the OSP Shooting School. The limitation of the routine is it is based entirely on fitting a Mini Maglite into the bore of a 12-gauge gun. The gun that most often gives us a struggle is a not a 12-gauge. It’s more likely a .410. Its bore won’t take a Maglite, but fitted with its .350-.434 expandable arbor, LaserLyte’s Laser Trainer fit nicely inside a tube of my Winchester Quail Special .410 O/U. I hoped the Laser Trainer would pulse when I dry fired the .410. It would not. However, with a change in batteries, the Laser Trainer can be turned on to a constant beam mode. It was the perfect solution for carrying out the “flashlight WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST 2010

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