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GUNS Magazine August 2010 - Page 14

• JACOB GOTTFREDSON • This computer program may prove to be one of the handloader’s best friends. uickLOAD is an interior ballistics program, and the exhaustive Q nature of the software is a bit of a jaw dropper. The programmer told me he had worked on it for three years, and I QUICkLOAD don’t doubt that for a minute. It is complete with almost every bullet, powder and cartridge configuration made. From pulldown menus, the user inputs bullet, powder, charge, cartridge, overall length, seating depth, barrel length, etc. Hit the calculate button, and the program gives you percent of case filled, velocity, pressure, amount of powder burned, ballistic efficiency and other data. But it’s only the beginning. Another pull-down window allows you to look at the result of other powders you might want to try in the same class, or best for your rifle, all in a variety of ways. You will soon find yourself spending less time in your favorite reloading manual and, in fact, garner a great deal more information from the QuickLOAD program. A little common sense, however—and explicit in the QuickLOAD window—says you need to consult the powder manufacturer’s Bysimplyclickingonasmalliconincluded loading manual as well. onthemainpage,thecartridgeyouare Graphs are included to tell you interestedinisshown.Bothaphotograph pressure vs. velocity, for example. The andadimensionedschematicaremade graphs are reactive to your cursor. Put available. it on the line and it tells you the pressure vs. velocity at any point. QuickLOAD has a button to bring up a picture of the cartridge you are working on. Next to the photograph is a schematic of all the applicable dimensions including overall length with a bullet shown loaded. The program also does the calculations for black powder and pistol enthusiasts. It includes bullets coated with substances like molybdenum disulfide and other frictionless coatings. Why would you use QuickLOAD instead of just buying an inexpensive reloading manual? One use of the QuickLOAD program answers that immediately. Changing seating depth results in different pressures and velocities. Correct in every instance or not, it informs you changing seating depth affects pressure, sometimes significantly, Themainwindowallowsyoutoinputandadjusttheapplicabledatatoproduceaload.Theprogramincludes something loading manuals amassiveamountofcomponentinformationformostbullet,cartridgeandpowdermanufacturersusedin don’t tell you. calculatinginternalballistics. 14 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST 2010

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