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GUNS Magazine August 2010 - Page 52

WIth A hANDguN. oR Is It A “hANDRIfLe”? This Rocky Mountain bighorn was 10-years old and completed Mark’s quest for the grand slam of North American sheep. One shot was taken from 190 yards with factory .308 Winchester Ballistic Supreme 150-grain ammo in the MOA Maximum. e spotted two rams lying underneath a huge boulder at least 500 yards above the trail. We rode until our horses were out of sight of the rams, dismounted and made a plan. After putting all of our gear in the backpacks, we slowly climbed the mountain toward the sheep. We worked our way behind a ridge to not expose ourselves to the rams. The altitude was taxing my lungs and my legs were already sore from the previous five days of mountain climbing. The wind was also a factor, as it kept swirling and changing directions. I couldn’t help but wonder if the rams had caught our scent and departed. That’s exactly what happened two days ago. When we finally reached the top, I cussed the 40-pound pack as I searched for the rangefinder. Larry peeked over the top and luckily the rams were still bedded. After a quick look through the spotting 52 W Mark hampton scope, a total of six rams were enjoying an afternoon nap—190 yards away. I carefully placed a small sandbag on top of a rock and slid my gun into position. All the rams were facing directly away from us except one—this one older ram seemed like he was almost staring at us. Larry whispered, “The one facing us is the one we want.” I looked through the scope and observed the ram lying behind a log with only the top portion of his shoulders exposed. To make things more difficult, a limb protruding from the log covered more vitals leaving a small V to shoot through. A very small window of opportunity for shot placement. Larry suggested we wait until the ram stood up. So, we waited, and we waited, and we waited some more as the afternoon drifted on. I was hunting Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in Wyoming. It was a special hunt for me not only for the privilege and opportunity to hunt a bighorn, but I also needed this ram to complete the “Grand Slam” of North American sheep. Not that I hunt to fulfill some status symbol or anything remotely similar, but this was more of a personal WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST 2010

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