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GUNS Magazine August 2010 - Page 18

C M Y CM MY CY CMY K SR750 Extreme Powder Package The scope is one place good value can be found. ou may have noticed times are tough. One economist predicts Y below-average economic growth for at least the next 20 years (no wonder economics is called the dismal science). People want value for their money, and fortunately, there are some terrific values in rifles and optics. One way to get the most value in riflescopes is to stick to popular models. Back in the early 1960s, if a rifleman used a scope at all, it was most likely a fixed 4X. The Weaver K4 was the best value, at around $45. It was a good scope at a moderate price. Since it sold well, the maker could keep the price low, which helped to sell even more. The concept of variable power scopes had a lot of appeal, but early variables had their problems. Reticles got thicker at higher powers, and later (with second focal plane reticles), shifting point of impact occurred as magnification changed. They were also DOLLAR STRETCHING The SR750 scale comes with 2 powder measures (2.5cc and 0.7cc), our SR55 universal anti-static powder funnel and our Baby Powder Trickler made of steel (weights 1lb). All of this for a little more than the scale only! Tech Features: see SR750 Scale MSRP $46.95 SR750 Reloading Digital Scale Excellent and accurate scale! Comes with two powder measures (2.5cc and 0.7cc) and a 50 grams calibration weight. Weighing modes g/oz/gn/ct (grams/ounces/grains/carats) Accuracy: 50g/0,01g (771 grains/0.1gn) Display: 5-1/5 LCD Power: 2 x AAA Batteries MSRP $36.95 $36.95 MPT Monster Powder Trickler Made of anti-static plastic (avoids the powder to get sticked on the walls). It works with all cases from caliber .17 to caliber .45. MSRP $1.95 SR55 Universal Powder Funnel Ours is the Largest and Heaviest Powder Trickler in the industry! It is made of solid steel and weights over 2 pounds. It will be enough to turn the knob to add a granule or two of powder at a time to improve your loads. Thanks to its heavy weight it guarantees the maximum stability. MSRP $15.95 Universal Reloading Tray Holds rifle calibers from .17 through .458Win. Holds pistol rounds from 9mm through 45ACP. Fits WSM, WSSM, RUM and 500S&W Mag. MSRP $3.95 $3.95 TheTrijicon3-9Xwithitsilluminated reticleisafastandversatilesight,shown hereonacustom6.5-06builtonaMauser 98action. All of the SmartReloader products are covered by a 2 Years Warranty The SmartReloader ® products are imported and distributed by Helvetica Trading USA, LLC. 701 Lawton Rd. - Charlotte, NC 28216 To learn more about our products, to contact us or ask for a free catalogue please visit us at or email us at TheBushnell32003-9X,aniceallaroundscopeforaversatileriflesuchas WeatherbyVanguard7mm-08shownhere withayouthstock. more complicated and more expensive. Nonetheless, their perceived utility, especially on combination deer/ varmint rifles, created a big demand. Manufacturers (notably Redfield) tackled the problems one by one and found solutions. Before long variables were standard, even on big-game rifles. Today we have variables in so many power ranges it’s hard to keep track. The 3-9X range remains the most popular. They may be old hat and not very exciting, but 3-9X scopes are still a useful and versatile tool and, because they are popular, they generally offer the best value. One way to reduce production costs is to make a lot of identical products and reduce costs per unit. For example, if you have a facility for making riflescopes, property taxes are the same whether you make 1,000 scopes or 50,000. Examples of variable costs would include optical glass, reticles and other materials needed to make up the scope. If your fixed costs are a million dollars and you only make 1,000 scopes you’ll need to get $1,000 per scope just to cover your fixed expenses (and you’re not going to be selling many scopes!). But if you can make 50,000 scopes you’ll only need $20 per scope to cover fixed costs. That leaves a pretty good margin to cover variable costs and still have your product priced competitively. From the consumer’s perspective this means popular, high-volume items are generally the best value. Check prices on the product line of most any scope maker and you’ll find the best values in the medium-range variables, the 2-7X and 3-9X models. It occurs to me (and maybe to you as well) that if a 3-9X variable is a good value, a fixed 4X should be an even better value. It’s a bit simpler to make, has fewer components and should therefore 18 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST 2010

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