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GUNS Magazine July 2012 Digital Edition - Page 74

Featuring: JOHn COnnOr tactical GuNS & GEar e culled out the products whose only apparent claim to the title “tactical” comes from either getting a fresh camo paint job, being photographed on a bed of mud-spattered leaves, or frame-stamped with a tiny ninja figure—things otherwise about as “tactical” as Timmy’s tricycle. Even at that, there are tons of new truly tactical arms and accessories, and all we can do here is skim the cream off the top, so let’s get started! Adcor Defense is new to small arms, but they’ve been a big national defense systems contractor for over 20 years. Adcor’s B.E.A.R. (Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle) Elite 5.56mm carbine was designed by executive VP Michael Brown, and although dimensions and controls are consistent with the milspec AR platform, it incorporates some unique operational features. A new-patented gas piston system is mounted to the top half of a removable 2-piece, quad-railed fore-end, allowing a free-floated barrel. Slotted neatly in the quad rail is a non-reciprocating charging handle used to charge, clear the chamber, or execute a forwardassist while keeping your eyes on target and retaining master hand weapon control. A standard charging handle is also present, but now redundant. The handle folds back into place when released, and mounts on either left or right side without a special tool. Next, a polymer “dust wiper” system attached to the bolt carrier seals the ejection port from intrusion by sand and debris even when the conventional dust cover is open. The BEAR functions with or without it, and it is removable and replaceable. In a 6,000-round test by H.P. White Laboratory, including sand and water immersion, there were zero malfunctions and the BEAR shot .88" at 100 yards with match ammo. Tough and accurate, it’s well worth your attention. The wait has been frustrating, but kudos to SIG SAUER for working out initial bugs on the 7.62x51mm SIG716 before launching full production. Like its little brother, the 5.56mm SIG516, W Skimming the “Combat Cream.” Leupold’s superb HAMR and CQBSS scopes are in hot demand. it is an AR-consistent platform offering SIG precision and several upgrades to Stoner’s original design, like an improved barrel-to-receiver lockup with enhanced heat-sink properties, a true short-stroke gas pushrod system and a four-position gas valve assuring smooth operation under harsh conditions, plus use of a suppressor. Finally, in a move that pleased many users including me, SIG changed the 716 to feed with MagPul’s excellent 20-round PMAG magazines. We’ll be receiving a SIG716 for testing soon, so watch for a full review in a future issue. If it shoots as sweet as the SIG516, it’s gonna be a winner! tough Glass & Bright lights Meprolight’s battle-tested Mepro 21 day/night reflex sight has been the issue CQB optic of the Israeli Defense Forces for more than a decade, featuring a big bright 30mm lens and both tritium and fiber-optic illumination. Now the Mepro MOR offers both passive and active illumination and two aligned targeting lasers, one infrared for use with night vision gear and one visible. The IDF counts on ’em, and so can you. Leupold has two tough new tactical tubes getting rave reviews from military torture-testers. The Mark 4 4x24mm HAMR is a compact illuminated scope made for any AR-15 variant. The etched CM-R2 reticle is highly visible even without illumination turned on, and the Xtended Twilight Lens system The battle-tested Meprolight MOR combines a reflex sight with IR and visible lasers. 74 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • J U LY 2 0 1 2

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