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GUNS Magazine July 2012 Digital Edition - Page 39

Q: open bolts Mike Venturino, while writing about the Browning BAR said, “As with most full-auto military weapons of that time, BAR’s fired from an open bolt.” I have owned firearms for over 40 years, have a big collection of guns (though only one military rifle, the M1 Garand) and did not know military guns fired from an open bolt, or what that even means. Perhaps you could expand on this point. Jerry Ciccone Taylor, Mich. several firearms my father was able to send home after acquiring them during his 94th Cavalry combat role in France and Germany. The rifle is equipped with claw-style scope bases permanently attached to the rifle. The forward base accepts the double-hooked claw directly when angled into place while the taller rear base has a sliding, spring-loaded retainer which accepts the rear double claw straight into the slots and then locks the claws down. Short of a custom machine shop or gunmaker is there anyone you know of who sells a modern-style set of detachable scope rings with a clawstyle mounting base? I realize the rifle’s original scope attachments were hand fitted and permanently attached to the one matching scope, but I do believe if I had a set of claw bases that made for a level base, then I could adapt the rest. Alan West Cairo, Neb. It’s going to be expensive, a: however you look at it. If you decide to take the plunge, it would On almost all full-auto firearms a: of the era, including submachine guns, when the trigger is depressed, the bolt is released to fly forward, strip a round from the magazine and fire. The bolt stays in the open position when the trigger is released. They are designed this way because the heat in the chamber generated by sustained automatic firing is so high, a round chambered with bolt closed behind it can “cook off ” and fire—even a minute or so after firing has ceased. An added benefit to an open bolt is air can circulate through the barrel and cool it faster. Few civilian arms fire from an open bolt. The BATFE has determined most such firearms are far too easy to convert to full-auto fire, thus won’t certify most open-bolt designs for civilian sales. likely add to the value of the gun if you could secure a period scope. Second best would be to use a modern German or Austrian scope for it in new claw rings. The claw rings and mounts are still made and imported by New England Custom Gun Service. You’ll need to have them fitted by a good gunsmith or send the gun to NEGC for fitting. The firm can give you a quote on the cost and can fit EAW Claw Mounts to most modern guns, too. In case you were wondering, the J-bore .318" bullets are available from Huntington Die Specialties. NEW ENGLAND CUSTOM GUN SERVICE 741 MAIN ST. CLAREMONT, NH 03743 (603) 287-4836 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM/ NEW-ENGLAND-CUSTOM-GUNS HUNTINGTON DIE SPECIALTIES P.O. BOX 991 OROVILLE, CA 95965 (866) 735-6237 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM/ HUNTINGTON-DIE-SPECIALTIES I have a beautiful pre-WWII Q: custom Mauser sporting rifle with double-set triggers in 8x57J (.318"-diameter bullet). It’s one of Pre-War Mauser Got a burning question to ask the editor? Contact him at: E-mail: or postal at: GUNS Q&A, 12345 World Trade Dr., San Diego, CA 92128. Due to the volume of mail received, GUNS cannot offer a personal reply. W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M 39

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