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GUNS Magazine July 2012 Digital Edition - Page 34

MASSAD AYOOB D erringers; they were the short tanto to the long katana of the Colt Peacemaker in the eyes of my generation, which grew up on 1950s TV Westerns. Paladin carried one for backup, it was Yancy Derringer’s namesake, and, in a Western movie, Robert Mitchum played an outlaw preacher who packed a Derringer in a hollowed-out Bible. Hideout guns from Bond Derringers. the tiMeLess staCKbarreL Five rounds from top barrel of dedicated .45 Colt caliber Derringer from 4 yards, using Remington’s normally very accurate LRN .45 Colt load. The pink-grip Bond Girl model in .38/.357. These young ladies had fun shooting the Bond Derringer with .38 wadcutters. Back row: Lauren Lee (left), Courtney Acosta (right); front row: Caitlyn Acosta (left), Lindsay Lee (right). 34 The double-barrel, single-action Remington Derringer endures, and may reach its zenith in the Bond Arms series. Many have called Bond the Cadillac of Derringers. Updated with a cross-bolt safety and a rebounding hammer to cure the ancient original’s notorious tendency to go off when dropped, and the Bond guns even offer models with triggerguards—a feature that cures yet another Derringer safety concern. We recently tested three. The occasion was the introduction of their pink-gripped Bond Girl variation of their Mini in .38 Special/.357 Magnum, but affable CEO Gordon Bond also sent along a Mini in .45 Colt and a USA Defender that would chamber either .410 shotshells or .45 Colt in both barrels. Only the latter had the desirable (in this writer’s view) but nontraditional triggerguard. I made the mistake of trying to assign the pink gun to IDPA state and regional shooting champ Gail Pepin, who considers the whole “pink gun stuff for women” thing to be condescending, and prefers her hardware in basic black. Some friends were hosting a shooting day for a group of teens, so the Bond Girl gun went there. “Aww, that’s cute,” they said, as if it was a kitten. (Hey, if somebody didn’t like pink gun stuff, the industry wouldn’t be selling so much of it.) The girls thought the Derringer was fun to shoot, with .38 Special wadcutters. They then returned to their regular schedule of 9mm polymer pistols. Trigger pulls had a very smooth roll, but for some reason felt heavier than they actually weighed out. The .38/.357 averaged 6 pounds, 4.3 ounces, the dedicated .45 caliber went 1/10-ounce under 6 pounds, and the .45/.410 averaged 6 pounds, 1.5 ounces—all on a Lyman digital scale. These are solid, good-sized Derringers, and virtually all of the several shooters of both genders W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • J U LY 2 0 1 2

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