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GUNS Magazine July 2012 Digital Edition - Page 83

.22 LR AND .17 HMR LASER BORESIGHT If you would like your product featured in GUNS Magazine’s New Products, Contact: Jason Moreau (866) 903-1199. For more New Products visit us online at SIGHTMARK ightmark is introducing its new .17 Hmr and .22 lr laser boresights. made for two popular rifle models, these boresights will help shooters have more enjoyment while shooting. whether a hunter is changing out multiple scopes or a new shooter is learning at the range, the sightmark .17 Hmr and .22 lr boresights save frustration, and most importantly ammo. the sightmark .22 lr and .17 Hmr laser Boresight provides the most convenient and accurate method for sighting in rifles. the sightmark .17 Hmr and .22 lr boresights are chambered like a regular bullet, so the laser dot will show exactly where the rifle is aiming, making it easy to sight in any scope without firing a single shot. sightmark, (817) 225-0310, s POSSUM HOLLOW PRODUCTS hile this compact product allows case trimming to be done by hand, if you have a large number of cases to be trimmed Possum Hollow Products recommends coupling the kwick case trimmer with their Power Adapter. the power adapter will allow the user to chuck the kwick case trimmer into an electric drill, and speed up the trimming process. the kwick case trimmer differs from other trimmers in that it indexes from the datum of the cartridge case shoulder in the same manner as a headspace gauge. this eliminates the need for both shellholders, pilots and it speeds up the process. Possum Hollow Products, (260) 7820735, KWICK CASE TRIMMER w JP ENTERPRISES he JP silent captured spring is a refined, drop-in replacement for standard buffers and springs, which eliminates the harsh rasping sound typical of Ars while cycling. the JPscs also dramatically reduces operating system friction, making the rifle much smoother and more efficient during live fire. Available for both large-frame and small-frame rifles with either full-length or carbine stocks. JP enterprises, (651) 426-9196, jp-enterprises-inc JP SILENT CAPTURED SPRING t JUGGERMOUNT LASER DEVICES he special Purpose Infrared led Illuminator, or sPIr, is equipped with an eye-safe, class-1 infrared led illuminator. designed for use with night vision devices, the sPIr can be handheld, or mounted to any mIl-std-1913 rail using the self-adjusting, quick release Ht mount. the sPIr is housed in a rugged, snap-release end cap for quick and easy battery changes. variable beam adjustment from 2 to 30 degrees provides an eye-safe means of illuminating distances up to 800 meters. superior beam quality significantly enhances night vision performance with no wash out. laser devices, (800) 235-2162, SPECIAL PURPOSE INFRARED LED ILLUMINATOR t JUGGERNAUT TACTICAL he Juggermount allows the shooter to mount almost any of the major mini-red dot systems (mrds) straight to your scope tube on any 30mm, 34mm and 1" scopes. the Juggermount can be mounted in more than a dozen different configurations, making it the most versatile mrds mount on the market. Juggernaut tactical, (909) 6845822, juggernaut-tactical t ROCK RIVER ARMS, INC. ock river Arms, Inc. introduces the fred eichler series Predator .223 rifle, representing further growth in rrA’s expanding line of high-performance hunting firearms. the fred eichler series rifle was strategically designed to be lightweight for running and gunning. the 16" mid-length, stainless steel barrel has been cryogenically treated to increase the shooter’s accuracy, and aids in cleaning the firearm. the rrA free-float handguard has a full-length Picatinny top rail and 2.5" rails at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock for lights, lasers and bi-pods. FRED EICHLER SERIES PREDATOR .223 RIFLE r the unique cnc coyote-track design adds functionality and flare as it helps dissipate heat. the forged A4 upper flattop allows attachments for scopes, night vision and red-dot sights. the rifle is equipped with a chromed rrA national match 2-stage trigger, with a Parkerized non-reflective surface on the trigger shoe. rock river Arms, Inc., (866) 980-7625, W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M 83

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