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GUNS Magazine July 2011 Digital Edition - Page 74

the rails and can be added to for customization. A nice touch: the RAD’s locks are designed to tighten up in response to prying! JOHN CONNOR John Connor ack in my cop days i met a guy who kept a small, quick-open handgun safe within arm’s reach of his bed. On top of it was a bright orange screamin’-shrill lifeboat whistle. the instant a suspicious “bump in the night” woke him, he would first grab that whistle—and then the gun. His family knew that one blast meant get into your “safe position” and stay there. two meant evacuate the house according to our plan. and they all knew he was deadly serious. it’s not all about the hardware, but…. hOME & SELf-dEfENSE B The RAD (Rapid Access Defense) Systems by Caron Forensics are fast, quiet, secure and wall-mountable. He had awakened one night to the sound of his back door being smashed in. By the time he found his gun and flashlight and stepped into the hall, his teenage daughter and younger son were standing befuddled between him and an armed intruder. They survived the nightmare, and learned some hard lessons from it. His plan might not have been the best, but the point is that home defense begins with a plan, not a gun. Step one of that plan should be “hardening the target”; increasing home security designed to keep intruders out. Then, your hardware must be both secure—and quickly accessible. Fast-access, secure setups include Mossberg’s Loc-Box for shotguns, and clamshell-style Life Jackets by MSE Worldwide were designed for transport, but can be bolted to virtually any surface. A recent development which bridges the gap in both weight and price between huge gun vaults and flimsy cabinets are the locking RAD2 and RAD4 systems by Caron Forensics. Constructed of heavy sheet steel, they open quickly on silent gas-charged springs and stay open whether mounted horizontally or vertically. Both sizes—for handguns-plus and long guns-plus— come with an assortment of weapon and gear holders which snap into The heart of a good home-defense system: Stoeger’s Double Defense shotgun, purposebuilt for personal protection. For many reasons a solid 12- or 20-gauge shotgun is the premier homedefense gun. Powerful, simple in use, operable with gross motor skills and psychologically daunting, Remington 870 and Mossberg 500-series models are top choices. But don’t rule out the classic double barrel, especially when it’s been updated specifically for personal protection like Stoeger’s Double Defense. Equipped with 1913 rails top and bottom for accessories and a fiber optic front sight, it is security simplified. Available in 12 and 20 gauge, it’s also very reasonably priced. Like the double-barrel scattergun, revolvers are often overlooked among all the high-capacity pistols. But they shouldn’t be, for the same reasons of simplicity and ease of use, plus no worries about springs taking a “set” or operating external safeties. They are the original “point-and-click interface” between you and danger. Large-frame, quality revolvers like the Ruger GP-100 fit big hands, and Smith & Wesson’s J-Frame Model 60 or M&P360 with 3" barrels and highvisibility sights, are suited for small hands and multiple roles. The .357 Magnum Rhino by Chiappa Firearms, is a revolutionary design which fires from the bottom chamber, mitigating recoil and muzzle flip, and has a flat-sided hexagonal cylinder for a thinner concealedcarry profile. Now offered in 2", 4", 5" and 6" barrel models, the latter three 74 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JULY 2011

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