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GUNS Magazine July 2011 Digital Edition - Page 64

• P A T C O V E R T • Sean O’Hare’s Kestrel soars in quality and versatility. BIRd Of PREY! Custom knifemaker Sean O’Hare’s Kestrel is a lightweight hunter designed and built to perform a wide variety of chores on myriad game animals. ecause we all have different parameters there is B no perfect size for a hunting knife, but Canadian knifemaker Sean O’Hare’s Kestrel—named after a member of the falcon family—will go a long way towards pleasing a lot of outdoors aficionados. O’Hare’s Kestrel is 8" in overall length and weighs just 4 ounces, so don’t expect to fell trees with it. This is, however, a lightweight hunter that will serve you well around camp and field. The knife’s 3.75" flat-ground blade can perform a wide range of light to medium field chores including cutting rope, stripping bark and MaKer: Sean O’Hare 1831 rte. 776 Grand Manan, nB, Canada e5G 2H9 (506) 662-8524 www.GunSMaGazine.COM/ OHare-KniveS KESTREL S30V, RLW34, CPM54 stainless, or 01 carbon steel BLAdE LENGTh: OVERALL LENGTh: WEIGhT: BLAdE MATERIAL: 3.75" 8" G10 standard, other options available Concealex standard, leather optional $295 (base model), $350 as shown PRICE: ShEATh: SCALES: 4 ounces food preparation. The drop-point blade style is the hunters’ choice for processing game and it’s versatile enough to serve bird and trout duty as well. The Kestrel’s 4" handle features sleek styling and can be had in a variety of trappings, from durable G10 synthetic to upscale materials such as exotic woods and stag. The feel of the Kestrel can best be described as agile, almost surgical in its ability to perform fine work. O’Hare offers his customers a variety of top-shelf stainless steels including S30V, RWL34 and CPM154—or those on a budget can opt for affordable 01 carbon steel. The knifemaker provides a heat-formed Concealex as his standard tote, with a handsome handmade leather sheath as an option. Sean’s pricing for the Kestrel is very much in line with custom knives of this quality—and affordable compared to some. The basic version in 01 carbon steel is priced at $295, while the upscale version pictured here in Walnut Burl and premium CPM154 stainless steel runs $350. Once you get your talons on the Kestrel you will be impressed with its quality and versatility. The trick may be keeping it out of your hunting buddies’ hands! 64 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JULY 2011

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