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GUNS Magazine July 2010 - Page 24

• HOLT BODINSON • The NAA .22 WMR Mini Revolver and LaserLyte Mini Laser create a serious self-defense gun. ost of the CCW stuff I read is great for off-duty cops and M wannabes, but pretty irrelevant for us working stiffs. It just doesn’t apply to the real world of the average man or woman. Belt holsters and shoulder holsters? Forget it! The minute your coat is off, all is revealed. In fact, the minute you put both hands on your hips, reach for your wallet or push your jacket accidentally aside, all is revealed. In my part of the country, we don’t wear jackets in the summer anyway. Ankle holsters? Get real! They don’t go with skirts. They don’t go on or come off easily. Cross your legs when seated or pump the accelerator or brake with a client in the front seat, all is exposed. Fanny packs? Only when you’re in a jogging suit or hiking the trails, and even then, everyone assumes you’re “packing.” Special gun purses? “Sorry,” says my lady. “Absolutely no style and the wrong color or material if it does have style.” Holster bras, holster undershirts, holster underwear? Maybe if the temperatures are moderate and you are of modest size. But if stuffed with anything larger than a very small handgun, they still reveal big bulges in the wrong places and are slow to access. Service-sized 1911s, Wondernines, .40 S&Ws and their worthy compact clones? Too big and too heavy. Why all the self-defense schools and combat competitions design their courses around this type of handgun, or even lightweight versions thereof, continues to confound me. Nope, for real world CCW work, make mine a North American Arms (NAA) mini-revolver in .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) with a 1-1/8" barrel. It may not be the biggest ballistic bull on the street, but it will be there when I need it and not resting peacefully at home. And now, LaserLyte has even given us a miniature laser sight for the little critter. The first petite .22 WMR revolver I ever fired was the Freedom Arms (now discontinued) 1" barreled model carried fully exposed clamped in the middle of a handsome Freedom Arms trophy belt buckle. I remember the first shot out of that runt as if it were yesterday. Aiming it at a tin can on the ground, I focused intently on the fuzzy sight picture and slowly pressed the trigger. It was the mouse that roared. “Wham!” The noise was deafening, but even more impressive were the gyrations of the little gun itself. It flew out of my grip, turned a complete somersault and returned to my hand as I reached out and caught it in thin air. I couldn’t do that again if I tried a thousand times. Lesson one: The 1" barreled .22 WMR revolver makes a lot of noise (which is good since it’s so small), and you have to remember to grip it firmly. My introduction to NAA’s .22 WMR was the result of a casual conversation I had with Jerry Anderson, a retired highway patrolman living in Tucson, Arizona. We were discussing CCW, and I asked Jerry what he carried. It was an DEEP COVER MAGNUMS North American Mini Biggunsareoftendifficulttomanageintheheat ofSouthernArizonasoHoltoften“packssmall” (above).Carriedinapantsorshirtpocket,the mini-revolverisunnoticeable.TheNAA.22WMr (below)issmallerthan“handsize”andthe laserlyteunitaddslittletoitsmass. 24 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JULY 2010

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