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GUNS Magazine July 2010 - Page 71

lAnsky folDInG rAt tAIl DIAmonD knIfe shArPener Mike Cumpston folding sharpening tool retailing for $14.99. Lansky is the big frog in the tool sharpening pond and is well-known for producing elaborate and somewhat labor-intensive blade-honing systems. In welcome contrast, the diamond stick is simplicity itself. It consists of a fine diamond–impregnated tapered rod folded within two plastic handles. Use is completely straightforward: Address the strong side of the blade pushing the rod into the broad and narrow serrations until no longer amused. Actually, just a few strokes are sufficient to establish and/or restore the edge. Then flip the knife over and use the rod to remove the wire edge. For my first project, I attacked a serrated kitchen knife with the Lansky. This is part of a set etched with the slogan: “Never Needs Sharpening.” As with its companion knives, it started out dull and became much duller with use. I then applied the diamond rod to the hurt-yourself blade of my Gerber Multi Tool. In short order, I had both operating at optimum sharpness. lAnsky P.o. Box 50830 henDerson, nv 89016 usA (800) 825-2675 high risk civilian contracting—Working in a War torn World offers good advice on how overseas contracting works. The tapered 3.5" diamond-impregnated rod is a good fit to the large and small serrations on this blade. mAnuAl: HIGH RISK CIVILIAN CONTRACTING Clint Smith errated knife blades are quite popular. First responders find them I have been told by some in the useful for cutting through synthetic gun industry James Yeager material used in seat belts is controversial and that may and shoulder harness. They well be the case, but in my are well-suited for slicing contact with him, he has been cuts—particularly on tough well-spoken, knowledgeable material such as rope— of his subject, gentlemanly and do the job effectively and—an all-endearing quality even when they are not in my opinion—courteous. particularly sharp. Their That said, I was intrigued proclivity to slice through to read his manual High Risk tendon and bone as well as Civilian Contracting. I am ordinary, everyday flesh senior enough I can’t—or leads me to think of them won’t—travel outside the USA as “hurt-yourself” blades. (As in, “You are going to for work, but I am interested hurt yourself really bad with in the work conditions for that!”) those who do. The manual is The serrated blade is a a nominal 100 pages and welltwo-edged sword of sorts. written for the likes of me, as it On one hand, it requires bluntly cuts to the chase on the sharpening less frequently whole contracting gig. than the standard knife blade. If you want to do this work, Conversely, when it does the manual serves as a good need sharpening, it does not The Lansky folding foundation. It also serves as respond well to the various Diamond Sharpening a good foundation for anyone traditional rectangular Rod is an effective and looking for any kind of job sharpening systems in economical tool for here. Yeager has done this common use. Enter the sharpening serrated work and, more importantly, he Lansky Rat Tail Diamond knife blades. remembered and documented WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM S what he did. Contracting can be financially viable, but along with the wheelbarrow of money you’ll make, Yeager points out subtle nuances like retention of passports, medical aid in case of injury and the fact not everyone in the contracting business has scruples… funny, just like other jobs in life. The entire manual is good, but what was most interesting to me were two points. One, the manual serves as a good guideline to enforce that magic is not the reason for success in life, fighting, training and gun stuff. Hard work and the application of fundamentals in gun handling, training and fighting are the keys to success. Two, the last section, “Run and Gun,” has quite a bit of common sense stuff. It was interesting to read the comparisons between what the contractors do now, and how we did it 40 years ago in Vietnam. There are stunning parallels. This manual is good advice for someone who wants to be a contractor, but more importantly, it is good advice for anyone simply wanting to care of themselves—whether in Los Angeles, Alabama or Baghdad. Good read, good stuff. tActIcAl resPonse GeAr 3350 hWy. 70 eAst cAmDen, tn 38320 (866) 822-4327 HIGH RISK CIVILIAN CONTRACTING— WORKING IN A WAR TORN WORLD By JAmes yeAGer, 8.5" x 11", 102 PAGes, comB BounD, color Photos, $50. 71

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