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GUNS Magazine July 2010 - Page 14

• CLINT SMITH • V’S BOx Volkmann adds value. art of today’s marketing is to send out the firearm in a cool box. P As a matter of fact, oftentimes just the box the gun came in sells for more money than the original gun did, as is often the case with COMBATANT CARRY MAKER: VOLKMANN CUSTOM 1595 CARR STREET LAKEWOOD, CO 80214 (303) 888-4904 WWW.VOLKMANNCUSTOM.COM ACTION TYPE: Locked breech semi-auto CALIBER: .45 ACP CAPACITY: 7+1 BARREL LENGTH: 4-1/4" OVERALL LENGTH: 7-3/4" WEIGHT: 35 ounces FINISH: NP3 (+$250) SIGHTS: Fixed night sights GRIPS: Exotic wood PRICE: $2,495 GREEN BERET MAKER: CHRIS REEVE KNIVES 2949 S. VICTORY VIEW WAY BOISE, ID 83709 (208) 375-0367 WWW.CHRISREEVE.COM BLADE LENGTH: 5-1/2" OVERALL LENGTH: 10-7/8" BLADE MATERIAL: CPM S30V BLADE HARDNESS: 55-57 RC WEIGHT: 11.8 ounces SCALES: Black canvas micarta FINISH: KG Gun-Kote PRICE: $289 Smith & Wesson revolvers. A big draw to some collectors is to confirm the gun they are buying today has the correct box it came in when the gun was sold 50 years ago. The memorabilia interest is a big deal to some and comes in all forms, from guns to boxes to even having the correct sight adjustment tool in its proper place in the box. Then, there are other people who could care less saying, “It’s a gun. Take it out, throw the box away and shoot the gun.” As in most things, there is a balance between the two opinions. I look forward to seeing the works of steel from progressive and bold craftsman who are still youngsters, like Burton, Chen, Yost and Volkmann. Always thinking, these guys also create peripheral cool stuff like Volkmann’s Box Special. The Vbox is just a box— but then Luke Volkmann takes the box a step further, plants his feet and does a gun box correctly. In the vein of James Bond’s famous “Q”-issuing-gear-mode, the Volkmann Box is a pretty solid, complete package. The box is a very high-quality, pressure-seal-lockable, double-latch case with a carrying handle resembling a submarine hatch handle—and it is also about that durable. The outside is black and embossed with the Volkmann nameplate. The black, solid foam interior is broken into five compartments. The TheVolkmannCombatantCarrypistolcomeswithitssteelcounterpart—aChrisreeveGreenBeret Knife.NotetheoptionaledBrown“Bobtail”mainspringhousingontheVolkmann1911. 14 large opening accommodates a pistol, most often a Combat Carry 1911. The second large opening holds a Chris Reeve knife. Reeve needs no introduction from me to the knife educated, and Volkmann has chosen wisely by selecting Reeve’s steel. The knife is a 5.5" fixed-blade version of Reeve’s famous Green Beret product line. Options in pistol and knife selection for the box are available; a folder-type knife, as might be required by you, is also available. The third compartment is one of my favorites as it holds four magazines, which is the way pistols should be sold and shipped. The “sell ’em and ship with two mags” people should pick up on this point. After all, what good is a fighting pistol with two magazines? Volkmann’s WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JULY 2010

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