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rememBering rOger I and Other friends. t has been a tough couple of months. On the big scene we have watched the final installment of the transition of the country from being exemplified by the attitudes and sacrifices of the unconquerable Greatest Generation to being controlled by the whining, me-first, free-stuffers. Over the past 235-plus years, America has survived many challenges mostly from without; the question is can we survive the crumbling from within? On a more personal note, my friends are disappearing around me. One of the worst things about growing old is losing the people who have been a major part of our life. Those of you who now have grey in your hair may know the first friend. During the war John Rovick flew with Doolittle’s Raiders and survived a crash landing in the sea after the bombing mission. John had a magnificent singing and speaking voice and during the 1950s was “Sheriff John” doing a kids program out of Los Angeles. A few years ago, he was recognized nationally during the Emmy Awards. It was most interesting to visit his home and see the pictures of all the famous people he knew having met them during his TV career. John attended our local church during his retirement years often singing solos, which would send shivers up my spine. I’m sure it was difficult for him the last few years as his voice lost its power and he eventually spent his final year in a care facility. He never lost his vibrancy or his love for country. Rest well John. Gail was a friend I made when we moved to Idaho nearly 50 years ago. He had one of the most difficult jobs imaginable. He was a teacher, a special education teacher, or what we called in earlier days working with the mentally retarded. I can’t even imagine facing such a situation every day knowing how little could actually be accomplished. He managed to stay strong, keep his sense of humor, and the kids absolutely loved him. He did work I could not have handled. Rest well Gail. thE BodyGUaRd Helen was 85 when she passed and probably did not weigh much more than her age and I doubt if she could stretch to a full height of 5 feet tall; however, she was my bodyguard. This goes back nearly 15 years when we served on the same board during a particularly trying time and a most continued on page 81 Roger with his mouflon sheep taken with the Savage Classic .250/3000. 82 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • J U N E 2 0 1 3

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