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NEW PRODUCTS Blade-Tech IndusTrIes he Blade-Tech Competition Belt comes with an inner and outer sewn nylon belt. The reinforced outer belt provides the wearer a stable platform to attach their Blade-Tech holster and magazine pouches. The Competition Belt has no buckle and comes with a nonaggressive, shooter-friendly Velcro attachment system. All BladeTech holsters and pouches are lightweight and comfortable, but still tough and waterproof. Each design is custom molded to fit the specific weapon model, giving them excellent retention qualities while providing an extremely fast presentation. For more info: (877) 331-5793, Competition Belt Bullet trApS JASON MOREAU T WhITe sound defense he FOSSA-556 is a multifunction muzzle device optimized for the fighting rifle. It suppresses muzzle flash and vents gasses away from the ground to limit dust disturbance. It also eliminates muzzle rise and reduces recoil getting the shooter back on target faster. Muzzle climb is countered by redirecting propellant gasses with an upward bias. Recoil is reduced by the exclusive tapered vents that redirect a large percentage of propellant gas to the sides much like a traditional recoil compensator. For more info: (717) 993-3839, FoSSA-556 T BulleT Trap usa ullet Trap USA introduces their new line of Bullet Traps and accessories for every type of shooter to use indoors or outdoors. The 24-, 36- and 48-inch Bullet Traps are a safe and environmentally friendly way to target practice, and handle calibers up to and including the .458 Winchester. Their tactical training traps are designed for military and police personnel and can be made into any custom size needed. Sound Abatement Rooms with Ventilation Systems or Filtration Systems are some of the accessories that can be purchased for the safety of the shooter—these accessories reduce noise levels and improve overall breathing air quality. For more info: (860) 6737068, B hodgdon he 2013 Annual Manual is teeming with over 160 pages of data including fresh information on 37 rifle and pistol cartridges, 56 pages of new articles from some of the best-known outdoor writers, charts and graphs, and seven pages of detailed descriptions of Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester branded powders. New for 2013 is recently developed. 17 Hornet data. In addition, there are hundreds of added handloads in 19 cartridges, featuring Hodgdon’s best selling CFE223 Copper Fouling Eraser powder. For more info: (913) 362-9455, 2013 AnnuAl mAnuAl T magnum research he DE5010 is a .50AE gas-operated, rotating-bolt semiautomatic pistol. It is constructed with a high-quality carbon steel barrel, frame and slide, and a full Picatinny rail system on the barrel. The pistol is finished in black oxide. The Desert Eagle Mark XIX with the 10-inch barrel is also offered in a .44 Magnum model. The barrel length on the DE5010 is 10 inches, making the overall length 14.75 inches in either caliber. The bore diameter is 0.495 inch for the .50AE, 0.429 inch for .44 Magnum, height is 6.25 inches and the slide width is 1.25 inches. Total weight with an empty magazine is 4 pounds, 12 ounces; capacity is seven rounds for the .50AE and eight rounds for the .44 Magnum. Price for DE5010 is $1,683 and DE4410 is $1,650. For more info: (508) 635-4273, www. DeSert eAgle .50Ae T Bug-out-BAg echo-sIgma emergency sysTems he new Echo-Sigma Emergency Bug-Out-Bag is a full-size 72-plus-hour disaster preparedness kit that is designed to be in the home or office in case of an emergency. The unique, space-efficient, vertical storage configuration with custom draw-string dust cover enables you to easily store your gear in any unobtrusive location you wish while maintaining access to 95 percent of the kit’s contents at a moment’s notice. The Bug-Out-Bag is designed to provide provisions, tools, shelter, communications and first aid to help you get through any emergency situation that should arise. All items included in the bag are preconfigured and ready to use right out of the box. For more info: (424) 241-3246, T coonan, Inc. ith an extended barrel length to 5.7 inches, the Compensated Pistol is ideal for reduced recoil that results in greater accuracy from a top-of-the-line performer. With all the standard 1911 features of the traditional Coonan, the Compensated Pistol .357 Magnum Automatic comes with dovetail front and rear sights, solid stainless steal slide and frame, 8-round magazine and finishes out with smooth Black Walnut grips. For more info: (763) 786-1720, coonan CompenSAteD piStol .357 mAgnum AutomAtiC W 74 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • J U N E 2 0 1 3

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