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The The F&D F&D DeFense DeFense .308 .308 uses uses a a proprieTary proprieTary gas sysTem To Fine-Tune barrel gas sysTem To Fine-Tune barrel harmonics. harmonics. B Jacob Gottfredson rowning, Stoner, and Kalashnikov have dominated the modern assault style rifle genre for many decades. Will the name Corby Hall be labeled the next great innovator, giving the soldier and law enforcement personnel a more reliable, accurate, and capable rifle for the foreseeable future? His new rifle promises the reality of Fedor Tokarev’s original vision. Corby Hall, owner, designer, and builder, of F&D-Defense is a young engineer in possession of boundless energy, innovative thought, and an American entrepreneurial spirit. He has spent enumerable hours in design and redesign and at the machines in his shop producing a rifle that promises greatness. He supplied one of his rifles with a Bushnell 3.5-21x50mm Elite Tactical Riflescope for testing. A Harris bipod came with it, and the scope was attached to the rail with a Spuhr mount. The rifle was professionally packaged and shipped in two parts, lower and upper. Assembled, it is a machine with impressive lines and unique features. Where to start? I urge you to bring up F&D’s website and read it. I can’t begin to get it all down here. If you have in mind to produce a best in class, there are some fundamentals to pursue. First was to choose cartridges used by both the military and LE proven to get The heart of the system begins with the finely variable gas block. The knob at the forward end of the block can be turned for different bullet weights or for sluggish operation, but primarily for tuning barrel harmonics. How the gas drives the bolt carrier and how the gas is expelled required many months of design, redesign, and testing on the range to overcome what has been a challenge in previous DI systems. Note here also that additional accessory rails can be added to the forearm. The charging handle is located on the left side of the upper receiver. From it protrudes a button, which is used as a forward assist. Place the big knuckle of your index finger on the button and depress it, grasp the handle, and with your thumb, move the charging handle forward. Fit up of the forearm and barrel is unique. It is a major factor in the rifle’s accuracy. The receiver also has a spent brass deflector. 36 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • J U N E 2 0 1 3

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