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GUNS Magazine June 2012 Digital Edition - Page 70

Featuring: JeFF JOHn he Montana Vintage Arms reproduction of the Winchester B-5 scope brings quality optics and fills the missing link in a variety of restorations or as an upgrade to a modern reproduction of vintage arm from the pre-WWI era. Even better, the optics are much, much better than any original, yet it still offers the old world charm of the straight tube scope with external adjustments. Originally, these B-5 scopes show up in all kinds of unlikely places such as US Marine-issue M1903 rifles used during the last days of WWI (and pressed back into service early in WWII), as well as a variety of sporting rifles from single shot to bolt actions of many calibers. MVA offers two versionS of the B-5 scope and the one reviewed here does not offer the wider range of adjustments of its more expensive brother. Yet it offers everything I need for my Ballard .22 LR project including parallax adjustment from 50' to 200 yards. Another great application for this scope would be on one of the Savage M30 Favorites—and I might just do that. The 1-piece tube is beautifully blued, the bases are nicely color case hardened and the adjustments work smoothly. It offers decent eye relief, and would be suitable for harder kicking guns than a .22. The scope slides in its mounts under recoil along a fixed track and must be pulled back into position. The “battery stop” can be set by the shooter for the proper field of view. The adjustment hashes on this simpler version move the reticle 1.5 MOA at 100 yards (the more expensive version offers 1/2-MOA adjustments). The reticle can be rotated to center it I chose to add the optional leather sight covers, to enhance its period look. While I have yet to finish my Ballard, and haven’t field tested the scope, I expect no disappointment. After all, this isn’t 15X Tactical Special with ranging windgauge reticle, it is meant to replicate a period scope. This B-5 does so with much better T MVa winchesTer b-5 scoPe The scope offers parallax adjustment from 50' to 200 yards (above)—perfect for a rimfire. Each hashmark moves point of impact 1.5 MOA at 100 yards. Note the “pressure screw” (below) at the upper corner of the mount. This allows you to adjust the amount of tension needed to move the adjustments. achromatic-type lenses, coatings and construction than the originals. b-5 Maker: MonTana vinTage arMs 61 andrea dr. Belgrade, MT 59714 (406) 388-4027 www.gUnsMagazine.coM/MonTana-vinTage magnifiCatiOn: 5X, OBjeCtive diameter: 3/4", eye relief: 3", internal adj. range: 12.5 MOA elevation and windage at 100 yards, CliCk value: 1.5 MOA, Weight: 13-1/2 ounces, tuBe diameter: 3/4", Overall length: 15-1/2", retiCles: Plain crosshair, PriCe:$575 (shown), $650 (target knobs), $40 (leather scope covers) black MZ—alliant’s black Powder replacement If you’re a black-powder shooter, you’re probably familiar with modern black-powder substitutes like Pyrodex, Triple 7, American Pioneer Powder, and others. Now, one of the world’s largest propellant manufacturers, Alliant Powder, is introducing Black MZ formula as a volume-forvolume replacement to black powder in muzzleloaders and cartridges. Having burned through 1-1/2 pounds of the stuff, I can report Black MZ is an exceptionally fine product. On the plus side, it’s virtually noncorrosive, according to its maker, and highly resistant to moisture and huholT bodinson The MVA copy of the Winchester B-5 scope will be right at home on Jeff’s Ballard .22 project (top), but may wind up also on the Stevens Model 30 .22 WMR. The optional leather scope covers are a nice addition. The paper wrapper will be left on the tube until it is mounted. 70 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • J U N E 2 0 1 2

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