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GUNS Magazine June 2011 Digial Edition - Page 90

KEEP ShOOTIN’ he old Man had been shooting bull’s-eye every t tuesday night for as long as he could remember. Actually longer than that, as before the arrival of Dandy whatever it takes. Don, howard and Frank on Monday night Football they had been shooting every Monday evening for several years. time had passed all too quickly; howard was long gone and Dandy Don had just passed. time had taken its toll on the old Man and he now found it difficult, if not impossible, to see the iron sights in the relatively dim lighting of the indoor range. he still came out every tuesday night just to be with the guys and even brought along his pistol box for old times sake. Every Tuesday night the same deterioration and often in several ritual occurred; the other fellows forms; it is a fact of life. Fortunately asked the Old Man to come on and we do not have to depend upon shoot and his refrain was always the memory to keep shootin’. More than same, “I can’t see the sights!” This 25 years ago, I was deeply involved in went on every Tuesday night for at least six months and they finally either wore the Old Man down or caught him in a weak moment, or both. He grabbed his pistol box and walked into the range. His box was opened, his pistol laid on the ledge, a target attached and run down to the 25-yard line. Ten rounds were loaded in the High Standard magazine and inserted into his Supermatic Trophy. He assumed the proper stance, at least what was his proper stance, and proceeded to fire 10 rounds rapid fire. He pushed the button to retrieve his target and everyone was astounded to see all 10 rounds in the 10-ring with Whatever it takes! six X’s. “How did you do that?” “You said you could no longer see long-range silhouetting. I was never the sights?” “How could you possibly a top shooter, probably for several shoot a perfect score?” The old Man reasons, not the least of which was the never hesitated and said: “Memory fact I normally had a new test gun to boys; memory.” use every match. I believe I tried every Everyone who shoots or does Dan Wesson, Smith & Wesson and anything physical eventually faces Ruger sixgun apropos to silhouetting. One month we had an abbreviated 20-round match due to the fact that many of our shooters had gone to the Internationals. I shot a perfect 20x20 Revolver. The next month at the regular match using my Ruger .357 Maximum I shot a 38x40 Revolver, which was the highest score ever recorded for a sixgun on our range and it stands forever, as silhouetting died as far as our local club in the early 1990s. dandy Shootin’ I felt really good about that 38x40 and just knew I was going to make up for that one turkey and one ram at the next match and shoot a perfect 40. “The best laid plans of mice and men…” kicked in big-time and I had to really work to come up with a 26. My eyes had changed and the sights had become somewhat blurry. At the time, neither optical sights nor red dots were allowed, so I called my eye doctor and discussed the problem with him. He told me to bring my guns into the office and he would try to come up with a lens that was the best compromise for seeing both the sights and the target. It worked and over the ensuing years I probably have had at least six different pairs of shooting glasses made. Three years ago my doctor said I had cataracts, which had advanced to the point of needing to be taken care of. To me that meant zapped with a laser but, no, the answer was total lens implants. I have always been nearsighted and this was noticed by my 9th grade teacher to the point of telling me to go see an eye doctor. That was 1952 and I had been wearing glasses ever since; the lens implants changed all that. In fact, now everything is reversed. I do not need glasses to shoot, drive continued on page 89 90 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2011

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