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GUNS Magazine June 2011 Digial Edition - Page 34

MAkEr: PrIdE-fOWLEr INC. 1518 ArrOW hWy, suITE B LA VErNE, CA 91750 (877) 817-6019 WWW.GuNsMAGAzINE.COM/ rAPIdrETICLE JACOB GOTTFREDSON RR900 2.5-10X40 MAGNIfICAtION: OBJECtIVE dIAMEtER: main tuBe diameter: oCuLar diameter: 2.5X-10X 40mm 30mm 43mm 13mm (2.5X), 3.89mm (10X) EYE RELIEf: EXIt PUPIL: a Better Way to ranGe Pride-fowler’s New 2.5-10x40mm rr900. INtERNAL AdJ. RANGE: 3.82" 60" elevation & windage CLiCk vaLue: CLiCks Per revoLution: LenGth: .5 MOA 50 I have written about and followed the Pride-fowler series of scopes since their inception. I liked their first line of scopes, and they just keep getting better. With their new tactical entry, I am even more impressed. Like many other American companies, they provide the specifications and the Japanese build them accordingly. us, the scope can be obtained with Pride-Fowler’s original RR800 design in the near future. The one sent to me is a 1st focalplane reticle. That means, of course, you will not get confused by trying to range at the wrong power (that is done on occasion for a reason, but I will not complicate the issue here). The Pride-Fowler scopes have typically been second focal-plane reticles, and ranging was done at full power. Many of their scopes are straight- 23.63 ounces retaiL: WeiGht: 13.5" $1,999 I happen to be a fan of their reticle system. This one, although following the same concept, is a quite radical departure from their signature reticle. It is a progressive subtention design, using the same subtention increments they have in the past. This new scope, however, incorporates a unique ranging system that I found quite innovative for the military or law enforcement, although the system could be used by hunters or competitors as well. For the rest of Although somewhat small and unobtrusive, the new Pride-Fowler scope has everything. Jacob gives it high marks in all categories. While it is primarily intended for the military and law enforcement, it would make a great scope in many genres. note that the elevation and windage dials are capped and protected. The new Pride-Fowler scope offers fast diopter focusing to make the reticle sharp. 34 power scopes, so that problem would not arise. The new scope is variable. Since the reticle is in the 1st plane, the distance between the bars remains proportional to the image at all powers. Thus, ranging on any power works. It does mean, however, that the reticle becomes increasingly smaller as the power is decreased. As is typical with Pride-Fowler scopes, the bars are progressively incremental, gauged to represent the flight path of a series of bullets at X velocity and Y ballistic coefficient. This one is made to follow the ballistic path of the .308 with 150-, 168- and 175-grain Sierra MatchKing bullets at velocities in the range of 2,600 to 2,800 fps with a 26" barrel at sea level and standard conditions. But with the use of ballistic software, the reticle can be used for any bullet in any caliber—more about that in a minute. Wind compensator lines are set for a 10 mph max wind. The scope’s main tube is 30mm and the body is made from high-quality aircraft aluminum. The reticle is fully illuminated, using a rheostat to vary its brightness and is powered by a 2032 3V button Lithium battery. One important new feature is the zero stop on the elevation dial. Once the scope is zeroed, say for 100 yards, the dial is removed and turned so that zero on the dial is at the indication mark on the manifold and the dial is secured in place again. A knurled ring with a set screw is moved up until it contacts the dial and is tightened in place. If WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2011

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