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GUNS Magazine June 2011 Digial Edition - Page 28

• M A S S A d A Y O O B • with multiple armed robbers. Do a Google search for Los Angeles watch repair shop owner Lance Thomas, and count how many times he had to resort to multiple guns in his several ince the Tucson atrocity, many have attacked your right shootouts with armed robbers. Each moment one of the good guys had to own normal- to high-capacity magazines. Consider to pause to drop one handgun and the good reasons for keeping them. reach for another was a moment in which they could have The January 2011 atrocity in The standard-capacity been killed… and in which Tucson, Ariz., focused the more magazine for a Glock 19— a pistol with an extended clueless pundits on “assault weapons” that is, the round count magazine could have made and “high-capacity magazines” it was designed for—is a positive difference. yet again. In days, legislation was 15 cartridges. And that’s Before the Clinton introduced in Washington to ban the proper terminology: ban, New York cops were anything that could fire over 10 rounds “standard capacity.” The the first to get stuck with before reloading. Psycho killer Jared anti-gun crowd wants to 10-round magazines, Loughner reportedly used a 33-round ban any magazine that holds when their anti-gun magazine in the Glock 19 he was able more than 10 cartridges. commissioner was forced to legally acquire because his lunatic Called “Clinton magazines” to allow them to switch behavior had slipped through society’s in our circles since we from .38s to 9mms. Years cracks. were restricted to them before, when the officers First, some clarification. The from 1994 to 2004 by Bill of the NYPD Stakeout 33-rounder for the G19 is a true Clinton’s “Assault Weapons Squad had to shoot it “extended magazine,” that is, Ban,” they are properly out with armed robbers, lengthened to protrude from the called “reduced-capacity” they carried multiple guns butt of the pistol so it can hold magazines. because the 6-shot .38s of As first noted by Gary more cartridges than the model the time often ran out of Examples Of Need Slider, the length of was originally designed for. The ammo too soon. Stakeout first case I can recall of criminal As to those who rant that the 33-round magazine Squad alumnus Bill Allard use of such devices goes back to the high-capacity magazines probably gave the discussed one gunfight early 1930s, and lengthened 1911 have no place even in senior-citizen female in which he emptied a magazines for .45s and .38 Supers legitimate personal defense, the leverage to take shotgun, a revolver and converted to machine pistols for Baby perform a Google search it away from a strong, a semi-automatic pistol Face Nelson and John Dillinger by for “Beverly Hills Jewelers young male spree-killer. before he finally put two outlaw gunsmith Hyman Lebman. Shootout, Richmond, armed robbers down for Think about it: how many such cases Virginia,” in which store employees the count… and reloaded the semihave you seen in between that, and had to resort to multiple lesser- automatic after his third gun ran dry, Loughner’s murderous spree? capacity guns to finally win a shootout because he couldn’t be sure the fight was over yet. And, bear in mind, the short-lived Stakeout Squad was placed inside retail businesses they had reason to believe would be hit by criminal gunmen. The Squad doesn’t exist anymore. Multiple armed gunmen still do… and armed citizens have to survive encountering them before they can call the police. NYPD cops were eventually allowed 15-shot magazines, because six shots had proven to be insufficient too many times and 10 shots wasn’t that much more promising. The most popular gun on NYPD (the cops there buy their own) is the Glock 19—the exact same gun here’s a standard-size, reduced-capacity 10-shot magazine for a Glock 19. It would have been much being painted as a tool of the devil harder to take away from the gunman in the grasp shown, yet quick to reload. by the anti-gunners in the wake of The “why” of high-capacity magazines. too many BuLLets? s 28 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2011

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