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GUNS Magazine June 2011 Digial Edition - Page 78

“Gun Fit” If it fits, she has a better chance for more hits. More hits = More fun. Choosing the right gun and making sure it fits a lady is important. Uncle Mike’s trUnk Organizer Jeff John ’ve always kept a change of I comfortable clothes, extra socks, a first aid kit and other gear including Shari can help. Shooting champion Shari LeGate provides all the information needed for any lady to get started in shotgun sports through her DVD, Women’s Guide To Shotgunning. a folding chair in the back of my 4Runner. Even in a bag, it was always a little bit of a mess. Now with the Uncle Mike’s Trunk Organizer, I can keep the stuff in a case conveniently fitted between the wheel wells, having dimensions of 12"(h)x22"(d)x41(w)" and a weight of 20 pounds. Four D-rings allow me to tie it to the floor for off-road use. I haven’t tied it down for in-city use and it seems to stay put, and my bungee cords are in the kit. One of the nicest side products of the installation is it allows me to lay guns across the wheel wells now with some support underneath. All my other range gear still easily fits in front of the organizer. The lid is removable and can be opened partway. Four dividers keep loose items separated. Two large front pockets provide quick access to frequently used items. Two carry handles let you pull out the organizer easily if you need to. The sides are supported by removable hard backers and the interior compartments can be folded down as well. Uncle Mike’s BUshnell OUtdOOr PrOdUcts 9200 cOdy Overland Park, ks 66214 (800) 423-3537 www.gUnsMagazine.cOM/Uncle-Mikes Order Today! (800) 628-9818 (M-F 8am-3pm PST) fmgvideo The Uncle Mike’s Trunk Organizer (above) fits conveniently between the wheel wells of most SUVs and cars with larger trunks. There is still plenty of storage in front of the organizer for shooting boxes and other range gear. Jeff keeps his stocked with a little freeze-dried food, water and spare clothes along with a pack (below), should a little walking become necessary. rUsty’s rags John Taffin hen it comes to firearms I prefer W to shoot them, study them, research them, photograph them and write about them. I do not like cleaning them. I’m fortunate to live in a climate that doesn’t naturally attack steel, so I can get away with rarely ever actually cleaning a gun. What I do is wipe everything down after shooting and usually before taking pictures. What makes this so much easier and handier is Rusty’s Rags. There are all kinds of cleaning supplies on the market, however, this is different than anything I have seen before, and is so easy to use. Kits are rice: Special P $24.95! 78 Only WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2011

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