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GUNS Magazine June 2011 Digial Edition - Page 64

Clint on Vehicle Defense: • P A T C O V E R T • t took 20 years for Chris Reeve to come up with an heir I apparent to his wildly popular and revered Sebenza model. Reeve, a former South African turned Idahoan, is the perennial winner of the Blade Show’s Quality of Manufacturing award, crowned by a team of judges and those in attendance. It appears that Son of Sebenza was well worth the wait. Chris Reeve Knives’ Umnumzaan brings quality in spades. Son of Sebenza! “Either Drive Or Draw . not BOTH!” Learn how to defend yourself from inside the car with help from Clint Smith’s Thunder Ranch DVD course. Three Course Includes: Concealed Carry Options Home Defense Vehicle Defense Two-disc set only $49.95 — Order Today: BONUS (800) 628-9818 (M-F 8am-3pm PST) The Umnumzaan, the Zulu word for “Boss” and referred to as “Zaan” for short, is a frame-lock folder. This design, popularized by Reeve, is a take-off of the popular Michael Walker-style liner lock. However it is widely considered to be stronger because the thick metal of the frame also serves as the locking leaf, as opposed to a thinner Chris Reeve Knives’ Umnumzaan has all the right stuff including strip of metal inside the a Titanium frame, premium S30V stainless steel blade, and an frame. The frame rails of incredibly strong blade-locking design. the Zaan are 1/8" thick and made of top-shelf Titanium that The S30V premium stainless steel not only offers strength, but weight blade sports a stonewashed doublesavings. With a handle length of 4.77" clip design, deeply hollowground the Zaan is Reeve’s largest folder to for added slice. Rather than a stop date, and when engaged the 3.675" pin to serve as a blade stop, Reeve blade stretches the overall length to a has ingeniously used ambidextrous smidgeon under 8.5". thumb studs to do the job, and these have rubber O-rings to serve as “shock absorbers” when the Knife: UmnUmzaan MAKeR: ChRIS Reeve KnIveS blade snicks into the open position. 2949 S. vICtoRy vIew wAy Another improvement is the addition BoISe, ID 83709 of a stronger pivot with oversized (208) 375-0367 pins to keep the blade secure and www.gUnSMAgAzIne.CoM/ inline during harsh use. ChRIS-Reeve What words and pictures can’t BlAdE MATERIAl: describe is the extreme precision S30V stainless steel Reeve builds into his knives. Only by BlAdE lENGTh: handling and cutting with one will 3.675" you appreciate the tight construction, OVERAll lENGTh: smooth action and vault-like lockup 8.445" WEIGhT: that has become his trademark 5 ounces over the years. The price for the hANdlE/FRAME: Umnumzaan is $400; less than many Titanium custom knives that can’t hold a PRICE: candle to Chris Reeve’s incredibly $400 high standards. WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2011 64

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