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GUNS Magazine June 2011 Digial Edition - Page 26

• J A C O B G O t t f R E d S O N • swarovski riflescopes and binoculars. ast year, in an article about swarovski’s new BrX L and Brh reticle system, I asked the question whether “Glass with Class” costing upwards of $2,000 to $3,000 is worth the price over “Budget Minded Optics” costing only $300 to $500. This article will help answer that question. GLass With CLass Swarovski shares the top of the “World Class Glass” list. No one beats their resolution, contrast, clarity and lack of aberrations in sporting optics. They were kind enough to send two offerings I thought would be a fit for our readers. Z5 3.5-18x44 P hunting Scope The Swarovski 10x42mm binocular is shown with the Z5 3.5-18x44mm P 1" diameter maintube riflescope. note both the ocular and objective lenses on the binocular are protected with quality, perfect fitting covers not subject to loss. Chipping an objective lens of a high dollar optic on a rock will make you a believer. The main focus wheel on the Swarovski eL is pulled back to adjust the diopter and then pushed back, which locks the diopter at the desired setting. This prevents rotating the diopter adjustment and having an unfocused binocular when speed is of the essence. A camera adaptor is supplied and can be attached as shown in this photo. The small tab attached shows how to use a camera with the attachment. The ocular lenses can be twisted out for eyeglass wearers. Unlike any other binocular Jacob is familiar with, the eye cups on a Swarovski binocular can be removed for cleaning. 26 The 3.5-18x44 P scope is a new model with fast diopter focus and parallax adjustment. It has simple, clean lines and typical Swarovski elevation and windage turrets. Clicks are .7cm at 100 meters or .25" at 100 yards. It has a 1-piece, 1" diameter tube. The Z6 models have 30mm tubes. Swarovski optics are famous for their lack of aberrations, fine resolution, beautiful contrast, clarity and perfect color balance. This scope, and certainly the new EL binoculars, are no exception. It is difficult to gain much insight into why Swarovski is among the best money can buy. Searching either the pages of their brochures or their website does not supply the technical answers. Search the technical articles given by bird watchers and only an optical scientist would understand the jargon. So I began pumping Tom Hogan of Swarovski for the answers. Both the new Z3 and Z5 series have five layers per side on each lens of their SWAROTOP antireflective coatings, an increase over their previous three. The coatings are various metals applied in gaseous form. Although this increases light transmission, they also “tweak” what the real view will look like. As explained in the December 2010 column, this model incorporates the BRX reticle for holdover and windage. The new BRX has numerous holdover bars and dots, as well as vertical wind bars at the half points. Swarovski supplies approximately 50 BRX/BRh decals showing the long-range zeros for the elevation holdover bars of many of today’s popular cartridges. Supplied as well is a sheet with 500 different cartridges to which the decals can be adapted as well as blank ones you can work up yourself. Swarovski has retained their “pull up” turret to zero the elevation and windage dials on the Z5 riflescope. This model has a parallax adjustment wheel located on the left side. The Z5, as well as the Z6 series, have the same patented 4-coil-spring design to stabilize the erector tube. These springs are placed such that they counter the pressure applied to the erector tube from the elevation and windage turrets. They greatly reduce shock to the erector tube and the chance of a reticle breaking from heavy or repeated recoil. It is WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2011

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