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GUNS Magazine June 2011 Digial Edition - Page 14

• h O L t B O d I N S O N • hEX ShOt ANd RUBBER BuLLets New shotgun ammo for 2011. hat drives the firearms industry faster than any W other factors? It’s new calibers and improvements in ammunition. In the world of shotgunning, our calibers petals located along the sides of the wad, that deploy once the wad exits the muzzle and act as tiny air brakes to separate the wad from the shot column. Winchester claims the new wad greatly improves patterns at all ranges. We’ve requested some “Blind Side” ammunition for testing and will report on the results as soon as we receive it. seem to be pretty well set in concrete. What keeps the buzz up are innovative pellet and slug designs and higher and higher payload velocities. The year 2011 is no exception, with the appearance of some really wild stuff. The first odd shot shape I ever came across was contained in some FN shells loaded in Belgium. The lead shot was formed into perfectly square-faced cubes, and the shell that held them was marketed under the label, “Dispersante.” You could call it a spreader load of sorts, designed for close work in upland covers or for hunting ducks and geese over decoys. Being square with sharp edges and corners, the “Dispersante” shot had a reputation for really cutting up tissue and organs at close range. Well, the “Dispersante” concept is back again under a new, improved label. features rounded, not sharp, edges and corners. Because of its shape, it can be more easily stacked inside the shot cup providing up to 15 percent more non-toxic shot in each shell. The 12-gauge Hex loads are available in 3" and 3-1/2" with 1-3/8"- and 1-5/8"-ounce payloads of BBs or No. 2s at 1,400 fps and will be introduced under the “Blind Side” label. “They’ll never see it coming!” Get it? Or as the additional ad copy reads, “Hex Shot is designed to hit waterfowl like highvelocity tumbling bricks—creating massive wound channels, preventing over penetration and maximizing energy deposit and knock-down shock within the bird.” Complementing the Hex shot is a new wad called the “Blind Side Diamond Cut Wad.” “Diamond Cut” refers to three diamond-shaped The Blind Side Diamond Cut Wad as used in Winchester’s hex load deploys diamondshaped air brakes to separate wad and shot. Slug Loads There are some wicked new slug offerings this year from a Latvian firm, D. Dupleks, and an old favorite, Brenneke. The most interesting of the D. Dupleks slug designs is a clever blending of a polymer wad, core and bore-riding bands with a metallic, lead-free exoskeleton (actually steel) that peals out into six cutting blades upon impact. The photograph of an expanded D. Dupleks slug illustrates the concept of the design. The slug is not designed to exit, but to expend all of its energy within the target. Its terminal effect depends upon the type of slug and what kind of tissue or bone it strikes. The slug is either designed to stay together as an enlarged cutting machine or designed to fragment with the six steel petals shearing off the main body of the slug and following separate trajectories, creating six separate wound channels. What caught my eye at the SHOT Show was D. Dupleks’ 2-1/2" .410 slug loading, the DUPO 7 Short Magnum, featuring a 110-grain slug with a muzzle velocity of 1,670 fps. The DUPO 7 has been optimized for use in the Taurus Judge and Circuit Judge models. The .410 slug itself is designed to expand in diameter to 1" and then fragment creating seven wound channels. This is a wicked load which will find an additional home when Smith & Wesson’s new 6-shot, .410 revolver, the “Governor,” begins arriving on dealers’ shelves. D. Dupleks offers a variety of hightech slugs for the 12, 16 and 20 gauges available from the US distributor, DKG Trading. Brenneke of America is coming on strong, with a variety of improved slugs now being loaded for them by Polywad for strict quality control hex Shot Winchester is calling its new cubical-shaped shot, a hexahedron, or “Hex” for short. The new approved-for-waterfowl Hex shot 14 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2011

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