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GUNS Magazine June 2010 - Page 70

CrIMSon trACe Xd lASerGrIp John Taffin ights on the Springfield Armory XD are vastly improved over what was available when I was a kid. The sights are big, square, and also have a white dot in the face of the front sight and white dots on both sides of the rear sight. As good as they are they need light and also must be carefully lined up, that is to say sight alignment and trigger squeeze still works. What happens when we don’t have light? What happens in the middle of the night when we find we really need that handgun? What happens if we can’t see the sights? The answer is a laser sight, in fact, a Crimson Trace LaserSight. With a Crimson Trace LaserGrip, just point the gun and squeeze the trigger. It will shoot to the spot where the red dot appears. S The Crimson Trace Lasergrip adds very minimally to the size of the factory Springfield Armory XD grip. The small button in the front of the LaserGrip automatically activates the laser sight when the XD is gripped naturally. The Lasergrip adds a beavertail-style grip extension to the XD. well as a most welcome addition to the beavertail with the locking piece. In my hands, the XD feels even better with the Crimson Trace LaserGrip in place. Of course, the important part is the laser itself which is front activated. There is a rather small button at the front of the grip which is naturally compressed by the middle finger when the XD is gripped naturally. Crimson Trace calls this Instinctive Activation—nothing to think about, just grip the pistol naturally. As all Crimson Trace LaserGrips, the LG-446 is easily adjustable for windage and elevation. At $329 consider it very cheap life insurance. CrIMSon trACe 9780 SW freeMAn drIVe WIlSonVIlle, or 97070 (503) 783-5333, WWW.CrIMSontrACe.CoM My bedside firearm is equipped with a Crimson Trace LaserSight as is one of my current carry .45s, the Springfield Armory XD. The Crimson Trace LG446 LaserSight made for the XD slips over the integral molded grip frame and is open along the backstrap to allow access to the XD grip safety. Slight palm swells are added on both sides as MInI 14 20- And 30-round MAGS Are BACk Justin Carroll he Ruger Mini-14 has been a popular little carbine since its introduction in 1973. It’s light, svelte, and fast-handling, and fires the popular .223 Remington T 70 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2010

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