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GUNS Magazine June 2010 - Page 12

HANDGUNS • MASSAD AYOOB • HANDGUNS: THE 2010 CROP The manufacturers do indeed have some cool new stuff! fter four days walking miles A of aisles at the SHOT Show, and another day test-firing some new stuff on a Las Vegas range, I came away with some good vibes. StyledtoduplicateaGlock,thisdry-fireonlytrainingpistolisoneMasorderedat theShow.ItcanduplicateanyoftheGlock triggerpullweights. Ruger is pushing the .327 Federal Magnum again, with a 7-shot revolver in the GP100 format and an 8-shot in the Blackhawk envelope. Their slim SR9 autoloader is available in a nicely sized Compact now. Colt has some DAO 1911s and a classic-styled retro Lightweight Commander, inspired by Wiley Clapp. Coonan Back The Coonan autoloader for the .357 Magnum revolver cartridge is back, both full-sized and in a more compact model. Beretta offers some new variations of their modern classic, the Model 92. SIG has a new treatment for their Classic series pistols making them even more user-friendly, and variations on the P250 “polymer convertible” theme including a model with ambidextrous, framemounted manual safety. The Taurus Slim 9mm and new little .380 are nice, and Kel-Tec’s new auto pistol will hold 30 rounds of .22 Magnum Rimfire. Smith & Wesson has the longest list of new introductions, led by a pair of polymer-framed pistolas carrying a classic company name, the Bodyguards. The Bodyguard .38 Special revolver is double-action-only, with its entirely new lockwork, which includes a very smooth, easy trigger pull and a cylinder that rotates clockwise like an old Colt’s. Its cylinder latch is ambidextrous and located on top, behind the rear sight. The Bodyguard .380 auto weighs only 3/4 pound, and features decent sights, the slide locks open on the last shot and can release via the slide lever, and a manual safety. Both Bodyguards come with proprietary integral laser sights designed by Insight, and both shot very well in test-fire. Outdoorsmen may prove very interested in S&W’s new lightweight, long-barrel .357 and .44 Magnums. Masholdsa“cutaway” ChiappaRhinowithLexan sideplate.Hethinksithas potentialasmorethana conversationpiece. Notetheshortenedcylinderonthenewest S&W.45ACPwheelgun.Masorderedone. 12 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2010

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