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ToTal package value: $1,608.99 WIN! Strobe (HLS) Tactical Touch switch. The BD-198-MH-2C features the Momentary Hi (MH) switch. Want to keep your new flashlights in a holster? The Roto-Loc Articulating Tactical Holster allows Tactical Blue Dot flashlights to be positioned at any angle and allows hands-free use. Tactical Illumination Balls, Rolling Illuminated Distraction and Disorientation Device (RID3), are when you need a little something to get the bad guys’ attention focused away from you. The balls are small, lightweight, water resistant and shock resistant, and will wobble and spin all around when rolled or tossed into a room, then land light up to backlight the bad guy. We’ve also included a Got Balls T-shirt so people know you’ve got yours. Enter to win this package today! Send us a postcard or visit us online at www. FOR WEB LINKS, GO TO WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM/PRODUCT-INDEX T AIMPRO TACTICAL CUSTOM HyBRID SHOTGUN he AIMPRO Tactical Custom Hybrid shotgun is a new configuration featuring a Brite-Strike weapon light and tape switch, and MantaRail wire management covers. The Mossberg Model 500 receiver is refinished in ExtemeCoat (XCOAT) flat Gun Metal Grey. The 18.5inch M590A1 heavy wall barrel has been threaded to accept Mossberg AccuChoke/WinChoke style choke tubes. The utility choke tube is a brandnew product — The Dragon, a cylinder bore choke. AIMPRO also installed the ghost ring front base and fiber optic front blade and fitted the fully adjustable rail rear sight. Stock and recoil pad are custom by Hogue, and the all-aluminum alloy tri-rail picatinny fore-end mounting platform is from Falcon Industries (Egro Grips). Mounted on the shotgun is the Brite-Strike BD 180 MH (290 lumen) weapon light. Brite-Strike Tactical Touch Flashlights can be turned on and all modes accessed using a single finger or thumb on one hand. The BD-180-HLS1C features a Hi/Lo/ PHotos: JosePH r. noVeLozo FlAsHliGHt Holster 7 76 6 illumiNAtioN BAlls Blue dot FlAsHliGHt W WW WW W. .G GU UN NS SM MA AG GA AZ ZI IN NE E. .C CO OM M • • M M AY AY 2 20 01 13 3

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