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Scope Mount SEE THRU . SEE MORE. MODEL 730 Keep your firearms running and running well. e’s hard on equipment.” When I was a kid, I’d hear grownups use this phrase to sum up a man’s character. It was a harsh criticism. It implied carelessness, poor judgment, slipshod workmanship, lack of foresight. I’ve often thought of the saying when I see how some people handle firearms. I’ve known people to put more nicks and scratches in a gun walking across the yard than I will in 10 years of use. A fellow I sometimes hunted with long ago couldn’t pick up a gun and set it down again without adding a scratch. On the other hand the only way to keep a gun looking new is to not use it. On some of my older hunting rifles the blue on the bolt knob is worn away from hours of dry fire practice. The slides of my old IPSC match pistols show the wear of thousands of draws from the holster. Such wear doesn’t concern me at all. To me the handsomest firearm is one showing signs of years of careful use. I can see brand new guns at the gunshop. I learned gun care habits in the era of blued carbon steel and wood. Synthetics and stainless steel are easier to maintain but still need care, especially under harsh conditions such as high humidity and salt air. Many nicks and scratches occur during transport. Even a $10 soft case bought on sale is better than nothing. I think it is worthwhile investing in a couple of strongly made, well-padded soft cases. Even when traveling by plane, with the rifles in hard cases, I “H DaVe anDeRSon Style# 705 710 715 725 730 740 741 750 Description Browning Marlin Remington 700 Remington 742 Remington 7400 Ruger 10/22 Savage 110 Winchester 70 TOP MOUNT RINGS FOR USE ON STANDARD IRONSIGHTER, KWIK-SITE OR WEAVER BASES. AVAILABLE IN 4 NEW HEIGHTS W32, W44, W52 & W64 MODEL 570 Developed by a former Navy SEAL officer, FrogLube is a non-toxic, biodegradable—even “food-grade”—cleaner, lube and protectant for firearms, knives or just about anything mechanical. It’s highly resistant to salt water, works well in sandy, gritty environments, and it penetrates steel surfaces for long-lasting lube effect. bring along a soft case for each rifle for use in the hunting vehicle. Gun cases are for traveling, not for storage. Stored in cases, guns can rust from condensation formed by temperature changes. The best way to store guns is in a gun safe. If the humidity is high, especially if you live near the salt air of an ocean, a dehumidifier in the safe is essential. Gun safe nicks are a pet peeve. I avoid them for the most part by being SEE-THRU MOUNTS FOR IRONSIGHTER® OR WEAVER® STYLE BASES P.O. Box 85070 Westland, MI 48185 (734) 326-8731 Fax # (734) 326-3378 E-mail: 60 A few of the gun care brand names Dave uses include Birchwood Casey, M-Pro 7, Hoppes, Outers Gunslick, Butch’s. On top is a BoreSnake, on right an Otis cleaning kit. W W W . G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • M AY 2 0 1 3

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