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GUNS Magazine May 2012 Digital Edition - Page 68

Featuring: JOHn COnnOr cleAN guNS MAke HAppy SHOOterS uring significant slices of my life in some “interesting places,” my biggest challenge in cleaning guns was simply having the supplies to clean ’em! In one foreign unit I worked with, the only “solvent” available was diesel fuel, and in another, nobody wore underwear because all such garments were cut up and used for cleaning rags and patches. Now my problem (a great one to have) is which system will I use on THIS gun? Which goops and sauces? With one Glock, cleaned, lubed and preserved with FrogLube, I’m kinda repeating Brian Hoffner’s experiment: How long will it run without any further care? And I’m getting the same result: Still runnin’ slick and smooth. One carbine, a SIG 556 Patrol, has known only Mil-Comm cleaners, lubes and protectants, and it obviously loves ’em. On another I use only Sentry Solutions products, and it shrugs off dust, grit and purposeful abuse. On two bolt guns I use Hoppe’s BoreSnakes and their Venom cleaner and lube, with great results—and the list goes on. Your choices are dazzling, so let’s look at some winners: If traditional rods, jags, and brushes represent “conventional” cleaning gear, J. Dewey has been producing the most unconventionally superior examples of them since 1975. Precise sizing and machining to the closest dimensions have made their tools the choice of benchrest shooters and other accuracy fanatics, like our own Big Cheese Editor Jeff John. He praises the sheer strength and wear resistance of Dewey components and the year-to-year consistency of Dewey’s wide array of products. And now they’re even making fieldcleaning kits for us caveman-types, like their AR-15 and pistol kits. Most highly recommended are Dewey’s coated non-marring rods, and their new line of “Copper Eliminator” jags, brushes and adaptors. The recently introduced M-Pro 7 Advanced SACK—Small Arms Cleaning Kit—is outfitted specifically for 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifles and 9mm pistols. M-Pro’s goal was to provide a complete containerized system for both barracks and field use. Housed in both a lockable plastic case and a MOLLE field pouch, it contains a sectioned Thandle rod plus three appropriately sized BoreSnakes, phosphor bronze and nylon bore brushes, dust and utility brushes, patches and a dozen other handy items. By the way, the new Viper BoreSnakes are advertised as “50 percent more effective”—and they are! Of course it also includes M-Pro 7’s Safariland’s Kleen-Bore CableKleen Kit is a pull-through system designed for single-pass triple-action cleaning. D So clean ’em up and smile! The Dunk-Kit by Cylinder & Slide offers a fast, easy way to deep-clean your handguns. J. Dewey brings precision to their Spartan, compact field cleaning kits for AR-15s and pistols. The M-Pro 7 Advanced SACK—Small Arms Cleaning Kit—is a complete system for 5.56, 7.62 and 9mm arms. highly-rated gun cleaning solvent and Gun Oil LPX. If you work around salt water, you should note that LPX is specifically formulated to inhibit salt corrosion, and it leaves an electrostatically dust-repelling film. The SACK is sold with or without a Leatherman MUT, a multi-tool with weapons maintenance features like a carbon scraper, takedown punch, bolt override tool, brush and rod attachments, and screwdrivers sized for optics adjustments. Overall, the SACK is a great deal. Safariland’s new compact KleenBore CableKleen Kit is a new take on gun cleaning. It’s a pull-through system designed to perform a complete bore cleaning with a single pass. The tip of the flexible rod is an integrated multicaliber patch holder, and its threaded end accepts their dual-function bore brushes. At the free end of the bore brush is another slotted patch holder. Using this setup, you can anoint the “inboard” patch with bore solvent, then the brush follows, and finally, the “end” patch can be dry or oiled—a triple-action pass. I had my doubts, and found you need multiple passes on seriously dirty bores, but still you get a nice, clean and fast job. Usually, one triple-action pass followed by a single dry patch on the integral cable tip did the trick. The kit also contains one of the best multifunction brushes I’ve used, and the whole pack fits in a cargo pocket. 68 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • M AY 2 0 1 2

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