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GUNS Magazine May 2012 Digital Edition - Page 60

DIXIE 2012 CATALOG STILL $5.00! Honoring The Civil War 150 Year Anniversary Dixie’s legendary catalog offers the world’s largest selection of Civil War replica arms and accessories for re-enactment enthusiasts and history buffs. PLUS a huge selection of the latest 10:44 AM Page 1 blackpowder hunting and sport equipment. Dixie’s 2012 catalog is packed with more than 10,000 items including blackpowder shooting supplies, antique gun parts, and accouterments. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AND EXPERTISE GUARANTEED STORY: Pat Covert 07 Up-Armored Knives blends and rocks at the same time. A Slice Of Skullduggery! C FOR ORDERS ONLY (800) 238-6785 Major credit cards accepted VIEW ITEMS AND ORDER ONLINE! amo is as ubiquitous as Starbucks coffee franchises these days. You can even buy a camo jock strap on e-Bay if so inclined. We won’t go there, instead we’d like to show you a refreshing approach to camo that not only works, but has some real eye-popping graphics of skulls and foliage—the Menace Fighter from Up-Armored Knives. Of course, all the eye candy doesn’t mean a thing if the bones of the knife aren’t there. Pick up the full tang Menace Fighter and you’ll instantly realize that—at 12.5 ounces— it ain’t no lightweight. At 11.5" overall this field knife can handle heavy duty chores from building shelter to rustling up grub for a good-size group. The 5.75" drop-point blade has a nice swedge grind on the backside for enhanced penetration and the Micarta handle is ample and sculpted with a chunky pattern for excel- Up-Armored’s Menace Fighter is a heck of a fixed blade in the lent purchase. Steel is easy- raw, but the skullicious camo is the icing on the cake! to-sharpen high carbon 1095CV that will require a light oiling freehand airbrushing, so every knife along the blade edge but the rest of the is different although the graphic steel is fully protected by its coating. elements may be the same. The art is And then there’s that retina-blis- then topped off with a tough Duratering camo. Up-Armored’s patterns Coat hard polymer, clear-coat, matte are hand applied using stencils and finish. If skulls aren’t your thing the company offers a wide range of Menace Fighter patterns that can be tailored to your environment and, even better, offers Maker: Up-arMored knives & Coatings the same services on firearms. The 5437 pine Cliff dr. price of the Menace is $300, not unreaWest valley, ny 14171 (716) 942-6031 sonable considering this is a custom WWW.gUnsMagazine.CoM/Up-arMored knife with a unique hand-painted finish. For an extra $150 you can get a Blade steel: 1096CV, .170" thick, flat ground, matching, leather-lined Kydex sheath Blade length: 5.75", Blade finish: DuraCoat, that not only protects the finish, but Up-Armored Team 6, Overall length: 11.25", makes nary a sound when drawing or putting the blade to bed. SkulldugWeight: 12.5 ounces, handle: Micarta, sheath: gery at its best! Leather-lined Kydex, Price: $300 DIXIE GUN WORKS, INC. P.O. Box 130 Dept. 2 Union City, TN 38281 INFO PHONE: (731) 885-0700 FAX: (731) 885-0440 E-MAIL: Guns 1/6p GET YOUR GUNS GEAR! Team GUNS Collector Pin It’s colorful, it looks expensive, but any cheapskate can afford it and someday it might be worth what you paid for it. (Actual sixe: 3/4” x 5/8”) $3.50 each (Price includes shipping) 60 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • M AY 2 0 1 2 ORDER TODAY! Call Toll-Free 800-628-9818 Order at

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