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GUNS Magazine Digital May 2011 - Page 68

The Brownells/Otis Elite kit and Cleenbore’s SACS Small Arms Cleaning System are compact, neat and efficient. KG solvents and oil work well. JOHN CONNOR ClEANER GUNS & SWEETER ShOOTIN’ gun cleaning goodies you can count on. while back a buddy asked me what were the three A most important things I used for gun cleaning. I told him, “Puppy puddle-pads, a goose-neck light and a gun vise.” That got his eyebrows dancin’. “What about solvents an’ lubes and rods and, and…” I waved him off. There’s a whole world of gun cleaning supplies out there, I explained, and if I have my druthers, I’ll use the best and most specialized for the weapon, the weather and its application. But I’ve learned that regardless how many, or what kinda cleaning supplies you have, making the task neater, more efficient and complete means you’ll do it more often, and when it most needs doin’. is done; you can wad up the whole solvent-soaked, lube-splotted, grungedappled mess and toss it in the trash. After cleaning but before applying lube and grease, a slender flexi-head light can reveal lots of “oops” or problems in otherwise hidden places. A setup like MTM Case-Gard’s Gun Vise lets you organize and control supplies, and act as that extra set of hands you don’t have. Virtually everything else you need is a matter of personal choice—and today, you’ve got some great ones! muzzle cleaning using coated flexible “Memory-Flex” rods. Otis systems have been US military issue for years now, and their pocket-sized field kits are virtually without peer. If you want to seriously cut down your jumbled jungle of cleaning supplies, check out Brownells’ version of the all-calibers, armorer’s-level Otis Elite kit. Over 200 individual components in an attaché-size zipper case equips you to clean firearms from .177 through 10 gauge. Contents include highestquality bronze bore brushes, bore reflector and chamber flag, scraper and punch kit, large and small obstruction removers, receiver brushes, patches in several sizes, and much more; even an instructional DVD. You also get the pocket-size Brownells/Otis 750 Tactical Kit for field carry. The Cleenbore SACS—Small Arms Cleaning System—is even smaller, and does away with cleaning rods entirely. The heart of the system is a handle-and-valve device which uses compressed air from CO2 cartridges to propel synthetic cleaning and lubricating wads down the bore. The cleaning wads have Scotchbrite scrubbing ends. Both types are 20 percent oversized, so they compress and follow the rifling, giving a really thorough cleaning and lubing effect. Typically, shooting a cleaning wad with a few drops of KG-12 Bore Cleaner/ Copper Remover down the bore twice, then one pass with a lubricating wad will do the trick. I’ve used the Cleenbore SACS on rifles from .223 to .45-70 and been amazed at how well it works. It looks like a toy, and cleans like an armorer! Get A Vice The puddle pads—available at most pet supply stores—are one of my best “discoveries.” They provide a padded, lint-free, absorbent surface, a liquidimpervious bottom and, when the job Cutting Clutter & Boosting Efficiency Cleaning from the breech to the muzzle avoids damage to the crown and minimizes grunge going into actions. Two of the best such systems available are made by Otis Technology and Cleenbore USA. Otis makes a wide variety of gun cleaning kits, but all feature very compact size, neat organization MTM Case-Gard’s Gun Vise can turn cleaning pains to pleasures. and breech-to68 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MAY 2011

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