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GUNS Magazine Digital May 2011 - Page 74

For more information on seeing your product featured in New Products, Contact: Andrew Oram (866) 903-1199. For more new products visit us online at NEW PRODUCTS EL 50MM SWAROVISION SWAROVSKI OPTIK he el 50mm binoculars with swarovision technology are compact binoculars with HD lenses to minimize color fringing (chromatic aberration) and guarantee razorsharp images with the highest possible resolution. the el 50mm swarovision provides viewing comfort through the entire wide-angle field of view with edgeto-edge sharpness. Featuring removable twist-in eyecups with four intermediate stage settings and a non-slip, accurate focusing wheel. available in 10x or 12x. swarovski optik, t UTG COMBAT GRIP LIGHT LEAPERS, INC. he utg combat aluminum Foregrip with integral leD flashlight features a tool-free, clamp-on, picatinny/weaverstyle mounting deck with QD cam lever. an integrated reflector and light bulb provide instant spot focus for clear object identification. It also has an ambidextrous push-button on/off switch and a textured surface for a solid grip. Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with anodized black matte finish. leapers, Inc., (734) 5421500, t GUN GRIPS AND CHEEK PADS GOD’A GRIP he god’a grip original is a self-customizing grip that adheres securely to most shotguns, rifles, pistols and crossbows. the grip provides a shooter with a more comfortable and accurate shooting experience, allowing for a secure and steady grip even in wet or cold weather conditions. the cheek pad’s shock-absorbing qualities allow the shooter to reposition his or her head on the stock after a round is fired more quickly and comfortably. Made from shock-absorbing sorbothane and adheres to a firearm with a 3M adhesive, which won’t damage the stock. god’a grip, (321) 242-0200, t FLEX-HONE CHAMBER AND CYLINDER HONING TOOLS BRUSH RESEARCH MFG. he Flex-Hone cylinder and chamber honing tools improve finish, allowing the brass to “fall” from the cylinder with ease, and eject smoothly from the chamber with reduced scarring for better reloads. the Flex-Hone line includes hones for shotguns, rifles and handguns. these tools are the perfect solution to finish or polish any type or size cylinder, slide, chamber, magazine tube or smooth bore barrel. Brush research Manufacturing, (323) 261-2193, t LONG RANGE ACCU/ LEVEL SCOPE LEVEL FLATLINE OPS latline ops introduces the new accu/level scope levels, which are designed to improve long-range shooting accuracy and eliminate cant error. easy to install and does not require removal of the scope adjustment screws making mounting a snap. comes in three sizes to fit 1", 30mm and 34mm scopes. Made in usa from aircraft-grade aluminum and mil-spec hard anodized. Flatline ops, F GB LIN-SPEED GUNSTOCK OIL LIN-SPEED, INC. lin-speed is an oil finish for your gunstock or any woodwork like furniture, guitars and wooden tool handles. lin-speed penetrates the pores of the wood and hardens, protecting from within. It is durable, makes wood grain glow and helps touch up abrasions. simple to use and only a small amount is needed per coat. the 2-ounce jar is enough for about five full stocks. lin-speed, Inc, (508) 566-6869, gB 74 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MAY 2011

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