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GUNS Magazine Digital May 2011 - Page 10

• H O L T b O d I N S O N • A great plinker for all polymer-frame pistol fans. f you like the look and feel of the modern, squared off, I polymer and steel combat pistol, you’re going to enjoy shooting ISSC’s new rimfire hybrid. It’s not a direct clone of any single, defensive centerfire pistol but generates a general aura of a S&W M&P, HK, Glock, Springfield Armory XD or Walther. In fact when the initial model of ISSC’s M22 hit the street, Glock brought their legal mallet down and sued the company for trade dress infringement arguing its appearance was too similar to a Glock. The suit was settled out of court. Let’s just say, “The M22 is stylish and contemporary.” Being a rimfire it’s also cheap to shoot, and retailing for $299.95, it’s definitely within the means of most pocketbooks. This new kid on the block is well worth looking at as a serious trainer or as a great little fun gun. ISSC’s M22 has an intriguing pedigree. One of the captivating rimfire pistols of the last few years has been Walther’s P22. Designed as a polymer framed, 3/4-scale understudy to the larger, centerfire P99, the P22 also featured an external hammer rather than an internal, spring driven, striker. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, the P22 received a big “wow” when it arrived on dealers’ shelves sporting a factory-installed laser sight. It was judged by our local pistoleers to be a “real cool pistol.” Well, the man who designed the P22, Wolfram Kriegleder, has struck out on his own, formed his own company “International Shooting and Security Consultants (ISSC),” in Ried, Austria, and is the designer and maker of the new M22, which is turning out to be a “real cool pistol” as well. The design of the M22 is very sophisticated indeed. Comparing its overall size to something handy and familiar, I found the M22 comes closest to the dimensions of my Glock 19. That’s saying a lot when it comes to a rimfire auto. Like the Glock 19, the M22 has The M22 performed best with CCI Mini-Mag. ISSC’S HYbRId ComBat PistoL manly but moderate dimensions. I particularly appreciate its hand-filling, full-size grip of sufficient length from the base of the triggerguard to the end of the butt, so your hand isn’t sucking air under the magazine. The M22 has some heft to it as well, which is ideal in a rimfire understudy. When fully loaded with 10 rounds, it weighed in at 24 ounces on my Sunbeam scale. fine detailing One of the marvelous features of polymer-framed handguns is fine details can be molded into a frame to enhance handling. The grip of the M22 incorporates some great bells and whistles, and it’s ambidextrous. The front of the grip sports three, checkered gripping pads separated by “memory” ridges that position your hand naturally to the axis of the gun. The back of the grip is fully checkered with an intricate and good feeling pattern that locks the web of your hand in place. The sides of the grip incorporate pebble-textured panels, and just above those panels is a dished out shelf to comfortably position your thumb. The angle of the grip itself is just right to line up the sights naturally. The front of the triggerguard is slightly concave and checkered for those who like to use it for their 2-hand hold, and the front of the frame incorporates a full accessory rail for lights or lasers. Just imagine the time and cost of all this exceptional detailing if it had to be machined by conventional means! The M22 sports a full 4" match barrel made by the prominent Lothar One of the newer rimfires to hit the market is the ISSC M22, an inexpensive, yet fun and accurate pistol. 10 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MAY 2011

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