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GUNS Magazine May 2010 - Page 78

ODD ANGRY SHOT • JOHN CONNOR • siNce tHis is FoR MAy… May I vent a little steam? ho is to judge whether “W someone is a terrorist or a freedom fighter? Isn’t it all just a matter of perspective and political ideology?” This one keeps coming around once or twice every decade like a mutating flu virus—or, considering the kind of people who mouth these moronics, maybe more like faddish tastes in white wines and soft, stinky cheese. I don’t hear lines like this coming from the burgers-andbeer crowd. No, to entertain a concept as stupid as this, I think, requires a graduate degree from an Ivy League university and a penchant for puerile polemics. You know; like self-described “sophisticated people.” It’s one of the reasons why, when I hear the word “sophisticated” I think of moral cowardice and ethical bankruptcy—and I reflexively reach to pat my gun… It’s making the rounds again, among “sophisticated people”; hair-sprayed talking heads on TV, Professors of Otherness & Patty-Cake, the oh-so-wise Hollywood crowd, and our new wave of government officials. If you happen to be present when some “sophisticate” utters it, may I suggest a response? because when I think of a US president who will not render simple traditional courtesy to our most hallowed icon of liberty, all I get are drops of condensation.” of the International Red Cross, you’re a terrorist. If you commandeer civilian aircraft and fly them into noncombatantoccupied skyscrapers to kill thousands, there is no valid political ideology that makes you anything but a terrorist. If you convince gullible pawns to strap explosives to their bodies and become “bipedal mobile dumb bombs” aimed at bus stations, grocery stores, cafés and theatres, you are most certainly not a warrior.” You’re a scum-of-the-earth terrorist, no matter who builds a shrine to you. Certainly there are men of honor among the ranks of jihadis. There are Muslims who would die—most likely at the hands of their own “leaders”— before taking an innocent life. And not all terrorists are Muslim jihadists. But there is no honor in terrorism. “Please excuse me. I’m supposed to be venting steam. But my valve must be malfunctioning, “All Cultures Are Equal” This insipid statement goes with the “who is a terrorist” question like canapés go with cocktails among the effete elite. The sophisticated position is that all cultures and societies everywhere are morally equal; you just have to be openminded enough to realize that! An open mind is a wonderful thing—unless your brains have leaked out of that “opening.” Equal? May I suggest this response? Slavery—including possessionfor-prostitution—is still practiced and profitable in many places around the world, as is the sale or indenture of small boys used for everything from drug hauling to alms-begging, their faces “decoratively scarred” to show ownership. How ’bout the many cultures where your clan, tribe or religion determines whether you live or die, prosper or perish? What about the practices of female circumcision, the plague of “honor killings” of sisters and daughters; the culturally-approved status of women as a form of livestock? What about our big trading partner, communist China (the world’s largest exporter of “harvested organs”), where executions of “political prisoners” are Who Is A Terrorist? Simple: If you purposely target non-combatants, killing men, women and children Old Glory—She deserves better than a “Crotch Salute.” indiscriminately in order to instill terror in innocent hearts, you are a TERRORIST!—and “freedom fighter”—you’re just another no political ideology, no matter how terrorist. More? loftily stated, can change or modify that If you first wriggle into a crowd in fact. If you hide weapons, explosives, a street or bazaar—among your own and your murderous minions in houses people!—even if you then fire shots and of worship—or purported houses of hurl grenades at “legitimate targets” like worship, even if they are just clearing- military personnel, counting on them houses for bloody banditry—you’re not to return fire for fear of harming a terrorist. If you move your armed the innocents you’ve placed in harm’s thugs in and out of battle in ambulances way—you’re not a freedom fighter, bearing the Red Crescent or the insignia not a soldier, and certainly not a “holy 78 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MAY 2010

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