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GUNS Magazine May 2010 - Page 32

• JOHN TAFFIN • dIAMoNdBACk FIREARMS dB380 A compact handy .380 ACP. e go to some pretty wacky extremes to protect so-called W endangered species in this country so it is always refreshing to actually find a new species. In this case it is a snake, a Diamondback, and it comes from Florida. The Florida swamps have some pretty nasty creatures, but this snake is totally user-friendly. I have seen Diamondback rattlesnakes in several states and always do my best to avoid them, but this newly discovered Diamondback is not to be avoided but rather picked up and placed in a pocket (with the hope it never need strike). It is the semi-automatic Diamondback .380 from Diamondback Firearms. With the advent of CCW licensing in more than 40 states, .380 pocket pistols have become increasingly popular. The .380 had been extremely popular as a concealed weapon since its flat profile is very easy to pocket. The Walther PPK .380 has often been used as a law enforcement back-up gun, and in the past few years several manufacturers have offered new .380s even smaller and lighter in weight than the PPK. the top of the slide making it windage adjustable; it is matched up with a post front sight machined integrally with the slide. There are two white dots, one on each side of the rear blade matched up with a white square in the front sight. The Diamondback is a double action only pistol with a trigger pull of 6-1/4 pounds. Matched up with excellent sights, this allowed me to stay on a silhouette target easily at 25 yards. The magazine capacity of the Diamondback is six rounds whether you choose to go with the standard flat-bottomed magazine or the finger extension style. I prefer the latter as that little extension in the front fits in between my ring finger and little pinky making for easier control. If the Diamondback is allowed to run dry and you pull the trigger on an empty chamber the firing pin stays forward and must be reset by working the slide. If this is not thecompactsizeoftheDiamondbackDB380is evidentinthepalmofthehand. Light And Compact The new Diamondback .380 is extremely compact with a barrel length of 2-5/8", height of 3-5/8", overall length of 5", and a width of only 5/8". A steel slide is matched up with a polymer frame, magazine capacity is six rounds, and the trigger and magazine catch are steel not plastic. Sights are excellent for such a small pocket pistol with a square notch rear sight dovetailed into It’snobigborebutitcouldbealifesaver! done the first round in a newly inserted magazine will catch its rim on the firing pin preventing chambering. To chamber the first round out of the magazine it is necessary to pull the slide back all the way with real authority; this is aided by wavy lines machined into both sides of the slide in front of the rear sight and behind the front sight. If the slide is not pulled all the way to the rear absolutely and authoritatively it will not pick up the first round in the magazine. There are no sharp edges to be found on the Diamondback and the front of the slide and frame have been melted or slightly rounded making it very easy to slide into a pocket. The molded-in grip panels are pebble grained as is the backstrap for a secure feel, which is also aided by horizontal lines of raised dB380 MAkER: dIAMoNdBACk FIREARMS 4135 PINE TREE PLACE CoCoA, FL 32926 (888) 380-2767 WWW.dIAMoNdBACkFIREARMS.CoM ACTIoN TYPE: Locked breech semi-auto CALIBER: .380 ACP CAPACITY: 6+1 BARREL LENGTH: 2-5/8" oVERALL LENGTH: 5" WEIGHT: 9 ounces FINISH: Black matte SIGHTS: Fixed rear, ramp front GRIPS: Integral polymer frame PRICE: $430 32 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MAY 2010

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