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GUNS Magazine April 2013 Digital Edition - Page 82

UToPia DenieD PArT ii P rogress, Politicians, and Political Correctness work very hard against any ideas we may have of finding and holding onto our own personal utopia. Progress is inevitable. The only thing that doesn’t change is the fact everything changes. This is part of life and if we don’t progress and go forward the only other alternative seems to go backwards. Sometimes progress is good, sometimes it’s bad, but it is almost always painful; and it is not always easy to differentiate between what is good and what is bad. Cell phones, computers, cable TV, the Internet, and on and on and on for a long list of “advantages” we now have in the 21st century are all part of progress and we could make an excellent case as to whether they are more good than bad or vice versa. One thing sure is the fact they have certainly changed our life. For better or for worse? You can make that call. Politicians and Political Correctness are another matter. But then again they seem so embedded as to be impossible to root out, however we must keep up the good fight or perish. In my lifetime there has been a long, almost endless stream of politicians from both parties who have worked against every utopian idea we may have ever had. They often promise Utopia but deliver the opposite. Many in my age bracket have found their retirement utopian dreams wiped out by the actions of politicians. What has been done to the value of our money borders on criminal and our national debt can only be described as insanity. How can the richest nation on earth be in such a financial hole? Our grandkids and their grandkids utopias have been destroyed. Have you noticed both how many politicians and how much political correctness works to keep us divided? Divide and conquer is a tactic they employ very well. Sometimes our own attitude causes us to miss a Utopian Situation. Thanks to both of these terrible “Ps” schools have become gun-free zones, for law-abiding citizens only of course. Criminals could care less. Anyone with any age on them knows this has not always been the case. In the past many kids took their rifles to school so they could hunt on the way home. It was not unusual for a kid to get on the school bus carrying his rifle scabbard and then check it into the cloakroom when he arrived at school. All this is gone. Any kid trying such today would be arrested on the school bus. During my early years of teaching I took guns to school as I was invited to share in the history classes as they studied the move of our country westward. My school was right on the edge of the city limits and each year we had a special full-day celebration with the graduating 9th graders consisting of an awards assembly, chuckwagon cookout, rodeo, and games, and I also received special permission from the Chief of Police to shoot right out behind the school. We were able to show kids how muzzleloading rifles and cap-and-ball revolvers worked and what important tools they were in opening up the country. PC will certainly deny any such thing happening today. MiSGUiDeD eDUcaTorS All of these thoughts started as I was in the local gun shop, Buckhorn Gun & Pawn, awhile back. We got to talking about guns in schools and the political correctness that has invaded what should be the education process. One of the countermen, Chris, has a young daughter and he spends much time shooting, hunting, and fishing with her. It has always been this way as soon as she was old enough to participate. She has her own guns and shoots regularly with him. After summer vacation one of the first assignments when she got back to school was to write a paper continued on page 81 82 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • A P R I L 2 0 1 3

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