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GUNS Magazine April 2013 Digital Edition - Page 75

If you would like your product featured in GUNS Magazine’s New Products, Contact: Jason Moreau (866) 903-1199. For more New Products visit us online at Wenger he Realtree AP Blaze 13 is one of the newest knives from the company that brings you the genuine Swiss Army Knife. This model includes 10 implements that can perform 14 functions, and it only weighs 2.4 ounces! With its ergonomic handle and 2.5 inches locking blade, it only extends out to a total of 3.25 inches. Some of the implements included are a double-cut wood saw, locking screwdriver, cap lifter, wire stripper, can opener, nail file, corkscrew, awl, toothpick and tweezers. It also comes equipped with a key ring for easy access. For more info: (800) 267-3577, www. reAltree AP BlAze 13 T PresenT arMs or 100 years, M1911 recoil spring plugs have been flying across shops and armories. The PCT, Plug Capture Tool by Present Arms Inc. keeps those plugs from going airborne. By reorienting the bushing cutout 90 degrees to the axis of the handle, the PCT provides full coverage of the plug when disassembling the M1911. Standard barrel bushing tools have the cutout in line with the axis of the handle, engages the barrel bushing at 6 o’clock turning clockwise to 9 o’clock to disengage the bushing leaving the plug partially uncovered and prone to flight. The PCT engages at 3 o’clock, turns clockwise to 6 o’clock while maintaining full plug coverage. For more info: (413) 575-4656, present-arms 1911 PlUg cAPtUre tool (Pct) F Micor DeFense esigned by Charles St. George, the Leader 50 is more compact and lightweight than other .50 BMG products currently on the market, measuring just 39 inches long with a 24-inch barrel and weighing less than 20 pounds dry/empty. It maintains an average velocity of 2,800 fps using standard M33 ball ammo. This smaller size provides the versatility for the rifle to be discharged from positions other than prone. Its gas-operated action and 10-round magazine allows for multiple shots on rapidly moving targets while minimizing muzzle climb and generating less recoil than a M1 Garand semi-auto .30-06 Springfield battle rifle. For more info: (256) 560-0770, www. leAder 50 .50 cAliBer BUllPUP D Full-scale TacTics he Trigger Trainer is a compact and non-threatening training device, designed to enhance firearm proficiency and speed by isolating and training the index finger for the development of smooth trigger control. The Trigger Trainer has many benefits, including the ability to use it anywhere, saving of time and money by not needing to visit a shooting range or purchase ammo, and simulating the feel of an actual handgun. It comes preloaded with a medium (6-pound) pressure, but for those who want a wider range of options, the Spring-Cap Assembly Accessory package (which includes a 3-, 6- and 9-pound trigger pull) is also available. For more info: (708) 462-2804, tHe trigger trAiner T crossbreeD holsTers he Appendix Carry is designed for popular small to medium firearms with all of the attributes of the SuperTuck and MiniTuck. It features the premium leather backer in cowhide or horsehide and CrossBreed’s hand-molded pocket for a perfect fit. It comes with one standard metal belt clip. It is adjustable so it can be worn in the crossdraw position and is adjustable for ride height. For more info: (888) 732-5011, www. APPendix cArry T lyMan ccurate to 1/10 grain, The Gen5 and the le rAnge Box compact Gen6 Systems dispense all oTis Technology types of smokeless powder at two grains ntroducing the Otis LE per second. In addition, each machine Range Box, a new product features an auto repeat function that drops that meets the needs of a precise charge each time the pan is reset. all members of the law Both systems have additional state-of-theenforcement community. art improvements like fast, 3-minute warmThe LE Range Box is up, new anti-static and anti-drift technology designed specifically for trips electronic shielding to resist interference to the range and is ideal for from other electronic devices like an entire law enforcement cell phones or computers. The new team. It is available in six Accu-Touch 2000 electronic scale different configurations joins Lyman’s Micro-Touch 1500 to meet differing issued to complete the most advanced sidearm calibers. Each Range Box cleans 5.56mm/.223-caliber line of digital scales available. Both rifles, plus 9mm, .40- or .45-caliber handguns. Consumers have models feature state-of-the-art touch the option to add 12-gauge shotgun components to either of screen controls. In addition, their the above options. The cleaning gear is contained in a durable prices are very competitive with no polypropylene box, which doubles as a sturdy and functional gun compromise in performance. For vise. For more info: (800) 684-7486, more info: (860) 632-2020, www. otis-technology gen5 And gen6 scAles A I W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M 75

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