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GUNS Magazine April 2013 Digital Edition - Page 74

NEW PRODUCTS WinchesTer aMMuniTion he accurate Varmint X lineup will initially feature offerings in four of the most popular centerfire rifle calibers for predator hunting: .204 Ruger, .223 Rem, .22-250 Rem and .243 Win. The charcoal-colored, polymer-tipped bullets in each caliber are optimized for longdistance accuracy and explosive impact on coyotes, prairie dogs and other varmints. For more info: (800) 333-3288, VArmint x Aligner Pro Kit JASON MOREAU T Disse gear isse Outdoor Gear has brought forward Amerihide, their line of quality leather gun belts handcrafted in the USA. The belts are constructed using two pieces of top-grain leather that are glued and stitched together to add noticeable support and structure. Since the belts are custom-made in the USA, you can select your exact waist size, color, belt width and you can have them line it with loop Velcro as well. The Receptrix and Celo 2ed are mid- to full-size everyday carry packs. Both packs are constructed using a functional design concept and produced with high quality materials to assure a quality pack. The packs work well for concealed carry or as a bug-out compact bag. For more info: (888) 854-5605, www. AmeriHide, recePtrix And celo 2ed D DMT he Aligner Pro Kit features a rugged molded carrying case to neatly and securely store all contents: three 4-inch diamond sharpening stones, a diamondserrated knife-sharpening attachment, a secure stone holder and easy-to-follow instructions. The included diamond whetstones feature micronized singlecrystal diamonds and come in three different grits: coarse diamond to quickly restore a neglected edge, fine diamond for a razor sharp edge, and extra-fine diamond to polish and refine a razor edge after sharpening with a coarser stone. The stones also are wide, enabling the sharpening of any length blade while increasing stability and reducing the likelihood of rocking the stone on the knife. The fine diamond serrated attachment allows sharpening of notched and curved blades. The blade guide easily facilitates sharpening at seven different angles to match virtually any bevel. For more info: (800) 666-4368, dmt T conceAled cArry HAndBAgs concealeD carrie eslie designed the collection of handbags with practical features that include a separate concealed carry compartment that securely conceals the handgun in a safe yet accessible manner. Removable and adjustable holsters allow users to adapt them for right- or lefthanded draw. Several styles also offer crossbody draw with the use of a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. All of the handbags include a Concealed Carrie key chain and distinctive fashion tassel. While all that function is essential, the fashionable design is just as important. Rich all-leather styles include an ostrich print computer carryall, fashion-forward leather crocodile printed hobo, smooth leather totes and a very popular distressed brown leather satchel. For more info: (770) 807-8347, www. L boker usa, inc. he Minos contains a new dimension titanium frame lock, designed by Jens Anso. It provides maximum stability, with solid 4mm titanium plates and a 5mm thick blade, made of N690BO steel. To emphasize the construction, the pocket clip, spacer and thumb rest are also milled of titanium. In order to effectively prevent any torsion inside the handle, additional screws were added to the scales, eliminating any potential weak points. The deep milled grooves provide a high level of grip and guarantee safe handling. The bellied blade provides excellent cutting capabilities with its slight hollow grind. For more info: (800) 835-6433, minos T cliP-griP in PinK DesanTis gunhiDe ntended to replace factory-issued Smith & Wesson “J” frame round butt revolver grips, this carry solution is molded from a rugged glass-reinforced polymer. The extended hook on the right side grip panel functions as a stopping point for the revolver when tucked into the waistband of your slacks, shorts or skirt. The Clip Grip can be used as a comfortable alternative to a holster, but is not recommended for use while engaged in fast-paced physical activity. When necessary, the DeSantis Clip-Grip can also be used with many (but not all) holsters. This product is not recommended for lefthand operatives. For more info: (800) 486-4433, Fore-end rAiser BlocK Precise PlUs I ahg-anschüTz hanDels gMbh he fore-end raiser block Precise PLUS simply slides into the stock and is fastened in the required position. Both resting surfaces are made from plastic and are fixed on the aluminum carrier with an angle bracket and therefore can be adjusted individually in height, width and angle in order to adjust the contact to the supporting hand. This is especially important if the stock rests on the palm of the shooter’s hand. Minimum height of 23mm can be expanded to a maximum of 37mm. Two additional spacers of 10mm and 15mm can expand the fore-end raiser block to a maximum of 67mm. Minimum width of 36mm can be expanded to a maximum of 68mm. For more info: ++49-731-42031, T 74 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • A P R I L 2 0 1 3

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