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GUNS Magazine April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 74

BURRIS COMPANY ecognizing the explosive growth in 3-gun competition shooting, Burris has developed a new line of riflescopes built to deliver precision, performance, versatility and shooter confidence. The new mTaC line offers five new scopes that are designed for the tactical shooters and 3-gun competitors, but are versatile enough for use in the field. The new mTaC series consists of 1-4x24mm, 1.5-6x40mm, 3.5-10x42mm, 4.5-14x42mm and 6.5-20x50mm scopes. The five new riflescopes in the Burris mTaC line offer a generous 4" of eye relief, rubber-coated eyepiece and are made with rugged 30mm tubes. all lenses are precision-ground optics that are index matched, multicoated with the Burris proprietary hilumeä coating for unsurpassed clear, sharp, highresolution images. Burris Company, (970) 356-1570, MTAC SERIES RIFLESCOPES r DECAL GRIP he new Decal grip Camo is aimed at giving a positive grip enhancement and tactical appearance to the magpul miaD/moe grip. it’s a cutting edge product that will be of tremendous value, especially to law enforcement professionals. Decal grip panels are pre-cut to fit and offer either a soft rubber cobblestone grip or a grittier, more tactile sand grip. These panels, looking oem, easily attach to the frame and slide for a superior grip without increasing bulk for everyday, everywhere, on- and off-duty carry, and are excellent in all kinds of weather. They are resistant to solvents and oils, and are easily replaced or removed. Decal grip, (800) 860-5385 or www. DECAL CAMO GRIP T HODGDON odgdon proudly announces its 9th annual manual. The 2012 Hodgdon Annual Manual features so much more than any typical manual: 100plus pages of rifle and pistol data with well over 5,000 shown loads; information on 30 hodgdon, 19 imr and 10 Winchester brand powders; new .300 aaC Blackout data; lead-free bullet recipes for 21 rifle cartridges; and seven highly-anticipated articles on topics such as economical handloading with lead-free “green” bullets by some of the industry’s top outdoor writers. hodgdon, (913) 362-9455, www. 2012 HODGDON ANNUAL MANUAL h OAKSTURDY PRODUCTS, LLC aksturdy is known for quality-made, sturdy hunting gear, and the new vital shot gun rest is certainly no exception. The vital shot is an adjustable, highly maneuverable, sturdy metal extension that allows the user to rest the arm, handgun, rifle, shotgun, muzzle loader or crossbow in a secure—but movable—rest for the steadiest of shots. oaksturdy products, llC, (608) 445-7949, www. VITAL SHOT GUN SHOT REST o FIREFIELD ne of the most recognizable scopes from World War ii history is reborn! The Firefield pu mosin-nagant scope is a replication of the russian pu scope, originally noted for its precision and distinguished as one of the most consistently-used rifle pieces throughout the soviet union during WWii. in capable hands, a mosin-nagant sniper rifle fitted with the pu scope was a formidable weapon, and now Firefield users can achieve that same intensity. Firefield, (817) 2251625, PU MOSIN-NAGANT SCOPE o TACTICAL SHOTGUN FORE-END LIGHT EOTECH o more worrying about where your light source n is going to come from or buying additional accessories that will increase the weight of your shotgun. The TsFl fore-end light affords the user an incredible tactical advantage through the use of ambidextrous on/off pressure pads at your fingertips. settings include constant on, momentary, strobe and off. in high-pressure situations you simply tap the pressure pads for activation, never adjusting your grip to do it. your hand is always on the fore-end at the ready, making this new integrated fore-end light ideal for law enforcement or home defense. eoTech, (888) 3684656, 74 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • A P R I L 2 0 1 2

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