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GUNS Magazine Digital April 2011 - Page 77

Winchester recently expanded its Power Max Bonded lineup, and CorBon (below) has introduced Expedition Hunter rounds for classic dangerous game rifles. JOHN CONNOR A FEAST OF FIREARM FOddER Ammo for all seasons & all needs. Tennessee-made K&A and Allegiance are promising new ammo brands (top, middle), while Double Tap keeps growing like gangbusters. Hunter Expedition ammo, featuring solid DPX lead-free X-panding slugs or the legendary Woodleigh slug. All ammo in this line is packaged in resealable plastic, 5-round packs with a field-ready ballistics chart. obody knows more about .44 Magnum and .45-70 rounds than Randy Garrett of Garrett Cartridges. He’s spent a lifetime refining the science of optimum penetration with those calibers, and they’re the only ones he loads. The NOAA and the National Marine Fisheries Services exclusively carry Garrett’s Hammerhead rounds, for protection from coastal grizzly attack. The +P ot so many decades ago, if you went into almost any gun shop anywhere in the country and asked for a box of cartridges for your Model 94, the clerk would likely slap down one of two brands, both virtually identical. Not so many years ago, if you asked for .380 ACP ammo, you might have had your choice of either 90-grain hollowpoints or 95-grain FMJs. Just a year ago, you might have come up completely empty-handed trying to get any kind of ammo, and if you got it, you compared the price to a tank of gas. While the big-name, major ammo producers are still scrambling to meet market demands, new manufacturers are poppin’ up like daisies, “bargain brands” are blooming, shelves are steadily filling and the best part is, the quality, consistency and overall performance of ammo is improving daily. Here, for your perusal, are some picks from the litter. N offshoot of Extreme Shock, makers of specialized counter-terrorist ammo. Customers wanted lower priced, copper-plated lead-core rounds for training and general self-defense, and Allegiance delivers that. It’s also ideal for long-term storage, featuring sealed primers and case mouths for a 20-year shelf life. DoubleTap Ammunition is a relatively new maker, but they’re rapidly becoming a “1-stop ammo shop” for happy customers; listing over 300 loads in dozens of calibers for handguns and long guns, sold by the box or in bulk lots. Components are the highest quality, like bullets from Nosler and Barnes, and they offer variations you would otherwise have to handload. Visit them online and look for them at your dealer. inchester Ammunition offers W something for everyone, and specialized loads for just about every N deep Penetration Better Game Getters If you shoot .45-70, Garrett Cartridges has got you covered, and Federal Premium’s Vital-Shok ammo has a new surprise for you. he paint’s barely dry on the doors T of K&A Ammunition in Medina, Tenn., but they’re already crankin’ out inexpensive, solid, quality ammo. Initial offerings include three 9mm loads and four each in .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Their dealer network is growing, and by the time you read this, they should be selling online and shipping straight to your door, too. Allegiance Ammunition is an WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM Spanky-New & Growing Strong hunter’s needs. The latest in their Power Max Bonded line includes rounds designed specifically for whitetail deer, delivering tailored terminal performance and of course, superb accuracy. Hunters of dangerous game who’ve been hand-feeding classic calibers like the .416 Rigby, .505 Gibbs and .577 Nitro Express should check out CorBon’s new Professional Series 77

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