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Battle heavy of a crimp, which has allowed the round to chamber. If you inadvertently shoot this round, the brass will not be able to open up enough to release the bullet. This could lead to dangerous pressures that could be high enough to damage the revolver. Do your best to keep your ammo segregated. I have a Savage Model 99 in Q: the .22 Hi-Power caliber and no longer can find ammunition for it. I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction. Jeff Wood via e-mail The .22 Savage Hi-Power A: is still loaded by Norma of Sweden as the 5.62x52R. It has • JEff JOhN • I shoot and reload for both the .44 Remington Magnum and the .44 S&W Special. Both are S&W, one a Model 29 and the other a short-barreled M624. Recently while shooting the .44 Special I inadvertently loaded one round of .44 Mag (180-grain JHP). The round fit fine. I tried a 245-grain LRNFP which did not go all the way in the chamber. The overall length on the 180-grain round was 1.595", while the 245 was 1.616". If I accidentally shoot one of the .44 Mag rounds will I blow up the .44 Special? Evan Hamilton via e-mail Savage 99 hi-Power Hardened THERE ARE MORE LONG-RANGE L E U P O L D TA C TIC A L O P TIC S CURRENTLY IN SERVICE WITH THE U.S. MILITARY THAN ANY OTHER. OVER 600 OREGON-BASED LEUPOLD EMPLOYEES STAND READY TO DESIGN, ENGINEER, AND MANUFACTURE RUGGED, PRECISE OPTICS TO YOUR DEMANDING SPECIFICATIONS. Q: too hot CALL 1-800-LEUPOLD OR VISIT US AT WWW.LEUPOLD.COM –portland, oregon, u.s.a.– the proper 71-grain, .227" softpoint bullet and the stock number is 15604. Although the importer, Black Hills Shooters Supply, does not sell directly to the consumer, they can provide a list of stocking dealers if your local store won’t order it for you. As an aside, I’d save the brass if I were you and plan on reloading the cartridge. Hornady still offers the proper 70-grain .227" bullet (stock number 2280). Sometimes ammo like this is only loaded seasonally due to limited demand, although it is still popular in Europe. BLACk HILLS SHOOTERS SUPPLY P.O. BOX 4220 2875 S. CREEk DR. RAPID CITY, SD 57709 (605) 348-4477 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM/BHSHOOTERS The .44 magnum (left, foreground) has a maximum case length of 1.285" compared to the .44 special’s length of 1.160". it is possible for a .44 magnum to be crimped heavily enough to chamber in a .44 special especially if the magnum’s case length is on the shorter side of the tolerance. such a mistake could lead to dangerously high pressures. note the position of the .44 magnum case in the s&W’s .44 special cylinder. properly crimped, the .44 mag will not chamber in a .44 special. HORNADY P.O. BOX 1848 GRAND ISLAND, NE 68802 (308) 382-1390 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM/HORNADY S&W has been heat treating A: the cylinders on all its N-frame revolvers since well before WWII. ONLINE! Elmer Keith liked the S&W .44 Special for his heavy loads, which led to the creation of the .44 Magnum. The problem you will run into is the case length of the .44 Magnum is greater than the .44 Special’s (as you know) and a .44 Magnum round should not chamber in the Special’s cylinder. I suspect the 180-grain load has too Due to the volume of mail received, GUNS cannot offer a personal reply. Please e-mail your question to ed@ or snail mail to: GUNS Q&A, 12345 World Trade Dr., San Diego, CA 92128 40 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • APRIL 2011

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