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GUNS Magazine April 2010 - Page 20

HANDGUNS • MASSAD AYOOB • THE “GUN OF THE mONTH ClUB” Use just one gun always. Oh, really? ou’ve committed the cardinal sin of not always using the same Y handgun? Well, say three “Hail John M. Brownings” and share a confession here. So, I was reading one of my favorite electronic gun forums, Gun Rights Radio Network, and one member chided another for often changing firearms. The term “gun slut” was used. I gasped… and said, “Hey! Hey! Hey! I resemble that remark!” My old friend John Bianchi is credited with “Bianchi’s Law,” which holds, “Carry the same gun, in the same place, all the time.” It makes a lot of sense. Alas, there are those whose jobs require them to violate it, and I fear I am a serial offender. Part of my work involves testing guns, which includes finding out how well they “carry” in the concealment mission they’re designed for. They aren’t all the same type. More of my work involves teaching the use of firearms, and not all shooters use the same handgun. The instructor has to stay on top of the “manual of arms” with several popular designs, so long ago I began the practice of changing “teaching guns” on every training tour. Part of my recreation involves handgun competition, and not all matches allow the same guns, either. Looking back over the last 10 weeks, I realized I was a certified member of the gun-of-the-month club. Here’s how it worked out. Month 1: S&W Revolver Around the beginning of month one, a member of the same electronic gun forum with an evil sense of humor had accused me of being a “Gun Metrosexual” for carrying a designer gun in a designer holster. If only to save my masculinity, I replied I was a Gun Retrosexual, thank you very much, and would prove it by carrying an oldSpentbrassfliesasMaswinsIDPAStock ServicePistoleventwithBeretta92,during “Month2.” TheGlock30andRem-UMC.45hardballwinaGSSFmatchinMajorSub(compact)division(above). TheG30istheMas’favoriteGlockpistol. MaswontheStockServiceRevolverdivisionatalocalIDPA matchwithhisoldS&WModel15during(below).TheNationals,however,wereadifferentstory. fashioned six-shooter for the next 30 days. Of course, I was also signed up to shoot the IDPA National Championships in Stock Service Revolver division at the end of the month and needed some practice and bonding time with my Refugee from the Police Museum. The gun I chose was an old policetrade S&W Model 15 .38 Special Combat Masterpiece I’d bought in 1995 for the munificent sum of $130. In 2008, I had won the Tri-State Regional Championship of IDPA Stock Service Revolver in Memphis. I knew it was accurate, it was worn in smooth, and it was compact enough to carry inside the waistband for a month in the Ayoob Rear Guard holster I’d designed for Mitch Rosen back in the 1990s. Loading with Remington 158-grain lead semi-wadcutter hollowpoint +P ammo, I wasn’t worried about stopping power. There was spare ammo on my person here and there (not to mention a second revolver), and I felt perfectly confident with it. Shot some qualifications along the way with the students on the teaching side of things and did well—won the Stock Service Revolver division with it at an IDPA match in Jacksonville… and wound up absolutely tanking with it at the 20 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • APRIL 2010

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