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GUNS Magazine April 2010 - Page 68

Free recoil shooting with the Knoxx CompStock on the .375 H&H shows very manageable recoil. blacKHaWK! Knoxx compStocK John Taffin Several years ago, my friend John Wootters, the original Mr. Whitetail, and two of my neighbors, neither of whom are shooters, all suffered detached retinas. I saw what they had to go through, and want no part of it. If I am going to err over this it will be on the side of caution, and this brings me to my brand-new unfired Remington 700 Classic .375 H&H, purchased about the time Wootters suffered his eye problem and it sat unfired since. However I have now been rescued. BLACKHAWK! now offers the solution with their Knoxx CompStock. This replacement aftermarket rifle stock starts as a Hogue Soft Rubber Overmolded stock fitted with what is described as a Horizontal Variable Ratio Cam Recoil System. This unit is contained in the butt of stock which appears to have a slip-on recoil pad. Inside the stock is a large spring and when the rifle fires the pad moves and soaks up at least 50 percent and up to 75 percent of the recoil. For me, this makes the .375 H&H feel like a .30-06. I can shoot it without pain or fear of side effects. The Knoxx Compstock is easily installed. Simply remove the old stock, place the barreled action in the Compstock, tighten the stock screws, and it is ready to go. Two versions are offered. The pillar-bed stock is priced at $249.99 while the full-length bedding block stock sells for $389.99. They are available for Remington, Ruger, Weatherby, Winchester and most Mauser 98 rifles. Shooting heavy recoiling rifles is pleasant again. blacKHaWK! 6100 commanDer parKWaY norFolK, Va 23502 (800) 694-5263 but my first thought was of you and I in our civilian “Sam and Suzie homemaker mode.” In case of a potential home conflict, the pouch (which is a nominal 12x10" in size and bears a neck/shoulder strap and an around-the-body strap) would be an easy pick-up-and-go or stay-behindthe-locked-bedroom-door rig. With two mag pouches for rifle and two for pistol (our personal home being a rifle world), Heidi and I stuck a cell phone and a flash light in the smaller pouches. The back opens for the insert of a small ballistic plate for cops, but I simply stuck my pistol in that opening because I could. The carrier pouches could then be filled with whatever you deem the correct gear. The GO TIME colors might not match all your other stuff but a simple choice of black or green works. Although you could construe the last line as flippant, that is not my intent, as the GO TIME is good gear made by good people to serve a good purpose. Heidi and I hope not to use ours, but it has our stuff ready if we need it. tag/SHellbacK Clint Smith My favorite thing from Chris Osman’s TAG gear and Mike Wratten’s Shellback Tactical is a small chest/shoulder pouch called the GO TIME shooter’s rig. In theory it could be a rig for a law enforcement officer/active shooter gig, The TAG GO TIME packed with defensive gear might just make your home defense situation a little easier to bear. tag/SHellbacK 1330 30tH St. SuIte a San DIego, ca 92154 SHellbacK: (626) 705-1887 tag: (888) 890-1199 Externally, the Knoxx CompStock just looks like a synthetic stock with a big slip-on recoil pad. The inset shows the internal working parts. 68 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • APRIL 2010

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