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GUNS Magazine April 2010 - Page 60

The rings John used in shooting the Stag Arms 6.8 SPC worked fine for him. Shooters with a normal neck may prefer higher scope rings. Hunting, tHAt is. WitH A stAg Arms moDel 7 Hunter 6.8mm remington sPC. ave you ever been weighed in the balance or survived an ultimate test? I have. Not once, not twice, but three times. It all started about 20 years ago when I heard an eastern politician spouting off about how assault rifles turned ordinary people into criminals. I just couldn’t believe it even if what he was defining as an assault rifle wasn’t one at all, but simply a semi-automatic rifle. Assault rifles are fully automatic weapons used by the military, however for the past two-plus decades pandering politicians have managed to convince many that semi-automatic sporting arms are actually assault rifles. H John Taffin Silver State Armory 6.8 SPC ammo delivered very good accuracy and consistent velocity. The Stag Arms rifle was utterly reliable throughout the test. 60 Until I heard that politician I had never owned a semi-auto rifle except a Ruger 10/22. But I had to find out for myself if all the training from grandparents, parents, teachers and pastors would come to naught if I owned an “assault rifle.” If he was right my very future was in danger. So I ordered not one, but two Rugers—a Mini-14 in .223 and a Mini-30 7.62x39. By the time they arrived I had second thoughts and didn’t want to even open the box. But I slowly did, no noxious fumes came forth, and I then faced the ultimate test. I drove to a local mini-mart, sat in the front of my Bronco with one of the rifles between the seats and waited to see what kind of feeling would come over me. Nothing! Absolutely nothing happened. I didn’t feel any different nor did I have any urge to rob the store. I passed the test. I never again thought about a firearm actually being capable of turning an everyday honest citizen into a criminal. But just when I was totally relaxed, our Fearless Leader asked if I would be interested in testing an AR. Not just any AR but a Stag Arms chambered in 6.8 SPC Remington. All the old fears came back; this was a serious rifle in a serious chambering. What would it do to me? Fearless Leader, known to most as the editor of this magazine, had never led me down the wrong path. But who can be trusted these days? As I awaited the WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • APRIL 2010

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