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GUNS Magazine April 2010 - Page 34

TheBoysAnti-Tankriflesawlimitedsuccess earlyinthewarbutwasquicklyobsoleteas tanksgrewheavier.Thisoneis“camouflaged bybambooandoatsontheislandofCrete,” accordingtotheoriginalcaption.Photo: www.,reproducedwiththepermission oftheNewZealandMinistryforCultureand Heritage. • Jeff John • Q: My grandfather recently passed on to me a .55 Boys Anti-Tank rifle. Boys Anti-Tank Rifle This rifle is very well maintained and in good condition. The cheekrest, however, shows some wear. I’m interested in the Boys’ worth and perhaps if you know of any locations I can purchase some accessories for it. Patrick Graham via e-mail TheBoysAntiTankrifleisa5-shotmagazinefedboltactionrepeater.Withpowersimilarto the.50BMG,itwasenoughtohamperearly armor.Theodd55-caliberroundisdifficultto findandveryhardtoreloadtoday. A: If you can, find a copy of Disney’s limited edition 2-DVD set Walt Disney On the Front Lines, one of the shorts is Stop That Tank!, a 1942 training film on use and care of the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle in live action and animation. Disney released it a few years ago including other wartime cartoons including the Questions and Answers Due to the volume of mail received, GUNS cannot offer a personal reply. Please e-mail your question to ed@ or snail mail to: GUNS Q&A, 12345 World Trade Drive, San Diego, CA 92128 The.55Boysround(left)hasastaked-inbullet andisBerdanprimed.Morevaluabletodayas collector’sitems,originalammooftenmisfires orhangfires,accordingtoPeterMeyer.Meyer reloadsoriginalbrasswiththepocketmodified forCCIBMGPrimersandan805-grainlatheturnedsolidcopperbullet(center).Peterhas hadsomesuccessloading.55Boysusing modified.50BMGcases,butthereareseveral extrastepsinvolved.Photo:PeterMeyer. 34 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • APRIL 2010

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