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firing under stressful conditions and other tests of marksmanship and sniper skills. The 72-hour event runs virtually non-stop, with only two 4-hour rest breaks in the 3 days of competition. “This was a challenging event,” Payne said. “There were some real challenges out there. Many of the events had tight time constraints. Finding the targets was tough, especially at night.” PAS12 Shotgun MSRP: $325 Visit our website for other variants of the PAS12. 2 Piece Pistol Grip Stock Spc. Tyler Payne, USAMU, fires on a target during the 2012 International Sniper Competition last Nov. 5 at Burroughs Range. Payne and his USAMU teammate Staff Sgt. Daniel Horner won the competition in their first attempt. Photo: Michael Molinaro, USAMU • • • • • • • • • • BLUE&GRAY The Civil War A DEFINING TIME IN OUR HISTORY DIxIE’S LEGENDARY cATALOG offers the world’s largest selection of Civil War replica arms and accessories for re-enactment enthusiasts and history buffs.PLUS a huge selection of the latest blackpowder hunting and sport equipment. DIxIE’S 2013 catalog is packed with more than 10,000 items including blackpowder shooting supplies, antique gun parts, and accouterments. PROFESSIONAL SERVIcE AND ExPERTISE GUARANTEED 2013 cATALOG STILL ONLY $5.00 VIEW ITEMS AND ORDER ONLINE! Major credit cards accepted FOR ORDERS ONLY (800) 238-6785 DIXIE GUN WORKS, INC. PO Box 130 Dept. 2 Union City, TN 38261 INFO PHONE: (731) 885-0700 FAX: (731) 885-0440 EMAIL: Despite having seven shooting teams and a custom firearms shop • within the ranks of the USAMU, • • the unit doesn’t have a sniper team nor teach sniper skills at any of the marksmanship training courses. Horner is a 5-time and current United States Practical Shooting Association Multi-Gun national champion and Payne was a finalist at last year’s 3Gun Nation championship. IverJohnson_SI_DEC_12.indd 1 11/15/12 As members of the action shooting team, the Soldiers must have the ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a handgun, rifle and/or shotgun, skills they were able to adapt and use for the sniper competition. “Time management was a big factor in the outcome,” Horner said. “We are really good at getting a lot accomplished really quickly. There was no way you could physically get everything done in the time allotted so it was who completed the most in the time they had. “In an event like this if you only know the fundamentals then you will get run over. The fundamentals are the foundation of any good marksman, but here you had to know how to read wind, calculate mover speed, shoot alternate positions, and be able to physically complete the events, such as the 4.5-mile run with all of your gear.” In between events competitors had time to get to know each other and most importantly share techniques, Payne said. For example, he learned from other shooters how they shoot using the other gun for support if they don’t have a tripod or bipod.—By Michael Molinaro, USAMU PAO Pump action self defense 12ga 18” smooth bore barrel 4 + 1 magazine capacity Push one button to remove the stock from the pistol grip (as shown in above picture) Ventilated external choke to help reduce felt recoil Rubber recoil pad on buttstock Picatinny rail mounted to the top of the receiver Fiber optic front sight Lightweight, polished blue, alloy receiver Forend uses dual action bars for smooth pumping action Cross trigger block safety Extended bolt release latch for easy access Manufactured by Armed Guns in Turkey Guns available through Zanders, Hicks, Big Rock and dealer direct. 321-636-3377 9:58 AM 92 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 1 3

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