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GUNS Magazine March 2013 Digital Edition - Page 48

Match day. Nathan Pirtle and Jon Blank partner on the barricades. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Their STorieS: Jonathon Blank, Marine, 25. CATALOG 65 2012-2013 Everything you need to repair, customize and build guns is scout sniper team was holed up in a building in Afghanistan, one with a large hole in the wall. Jon and his team were outside near the wall and by the hole. He took a few steps H away from his team and stepped on an IED. He was 23 then. 800-741-0015 Source Code: DVH Their STorieS: J.D. Williams, Army Ranger, 25. Josh Pipes partners with J.D. Williams. They are setting up for the movers at 500 yards as Nicholas Irving (left) looks on. Nick is the author of Team Reaper, an excellent book recording his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Special Operations sniper with 33 kills in the 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. ours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was shot in center chest twice, hitting his breastplate armor. He was bruised, but returned to duty immediately. Only days later he passed by a wheelbarrow, which turned out to be a point where a Taliban was waiting with a remote detonator. The explosion took both legs and his right arm. He was shot in the leg. The Taliban charged him with a shovel to finish him off. His buddy ended the Taliban’s life. J.D. was 23 at the time. 48 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 1 3 T

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