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GUNS Magazine March 2013 Digital Edition - Page 44

QueSTiOnS and anSWerS JEFF JOHN Kimber offers both silver and black adjustable-sighted .22 LR Conversion Units. These two are fitted to John Taffin’s Kimber CDP (top) and his Auto Ordnance 1911. (John’s 2-part story on 1911 .22 conversions is available online in the Jan. 2010 and Feb. 2010 issues at www.gunsmagazine. com/digital-editions) Photo: John Taffin .22 1911 Q: Many years ago a fellow co-worker and I were at a gun show here in San Jose, Calif., and he bought a 1911 in .45 ACP. What surprised me was that it came with a replaceable barrel and magazine for .22 LR. Do you know if anyone still makes a 1911 with both .45- and .22-caliber barrels or do I have to haunt gun shows to find one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. John Bremer San Jose, Calif. STI and Para Ordnance, as well as conventional 1911s. Kimber 1 Lawton St. Yonkers, NY 10705 (800) 880-2418 Marvel Precision LLC P.O. Box 127, Cortland, NE 68331 (402) 791-2211 Nighthawk Custom 1306 W. Trimble, Berryville, AR 72616 (877) 268-4867 nighthawk-custom Tactical Solutions 2181 Commerce Ave., Boise, ID 83705 (208) 333-9901 The .22 Long Rifle conversions A: have a long history with Colt and the 1911, although the Colt Ace .22 LR is discontinued. Today, you have many choices in conversion units and even complete guns (Kimber and Nighthawk). One inexpensive choice is the aluminum-slide Kimber conversion, which will fit Kimber 1911 models with 4" and 5" barrels as well as others with single-stack mags and standard barrel (not a ramped barrel) for $319. Going up a little more in price is Tactical Solutions’ conversion kit with a steel slide and a kit compatible with hi-cap STI frames. TS offers .22 LR conversions for ARs and Glocks, too. Stepping up in price a bit is the Nighthawk/Bob Marvel .22 LR kits for the 1911. A bit more than the others at $450, the Nighthawk will fit either a Gov’t Model or a Commander. And let us not forget Marvel Precision. The firm offers many units designed for the target shooter with options for scopes and units for the double-stack mags of SIG 970 RIflE parts for this rifle? Whatever happened to the Q: Sigarms Model 970 bolt-action rifle? Does anyone have any spare The excellent Model 970 rifle, A: which offered a very fast locktime and interchangeable barrels never quite caught on with American shooters. The rifle was only imported from 1998-2002, according to the Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad. Gun Parts Corp. has just a few parts left in stock, and SIG SAUER no longer services the arm. Numrich Gun Parts Corp. 226 Williams Ln., West Hurley, NY 12491 (845) 679-4867 Got a burning question to ask the editor? Contact him at: E-mail: or postal at: GUNS Q&A, 12345 World Trade Dr., San Diego, CA 92128. Due to the volume of mail received, GUNS cannot offer a personal reply. 44 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 1 3

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